BlueAce: All the Comforts of Home

Nightfall caught us before we arrived home. Tired from the long trip to Dallas, we brought Blue Ace home with us. He'd meet his new storage facility the next day. It was too dark to explore our new addition to the family.

Excited to learn how all the new features and gadgets worked, we got up early the next morning. We made a checklist:

Kitchen: all the necessities - RV size refrigerator, gas stove and oven. Microwave is a bit small, but I can work with that. Enough storage for kitchen cookware and utensils.

Sleeping: six can sleep comfortably with the added over-the-dash pull-out loft. Lots of storage overhead.

Eating: Comfortable seating at the dinette and lots of storage underneath.

Entertainment: Two TVs, mobile satellite.

Then we wanted to try out each feature to make sure it worked, so we plugged him up, then:

  • rolled out the automatic awning;
  • lowered the automatic levelers;
  • tested the generator;
  • cooled down the refrigerator;
  • checked the freezer;
  • lowered the overhead bed;
  • checked out all the storage locations;
  • decorated the bedroom;
  • cooked breakfast; and
  • watched a movie.

All while in our driveway!

Everything worked perfectly. What can I say! We love BlueACE. It’s our home away from home.

And the decor is cool too:

So, off to the storage we went to show BlueAce his new sleeping quarters.

About three days later, we received a letter in the mail that stated, "We hereby notify you that no vehicles such as tractor trailers, recreational vehicles, etc. are allowed in this subdivision, and are subject to a fine...."

We laughed so hard.

Can't wait for our first adventure!




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03.11.2019 16:23

Thank you.

03.11.2019 16:40

Wow that looks cool! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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03.11.2019 16:45

Thanks. Yes, we like it very much. It was our retirement gift to ourselves for our 30+ years of hard work.

03.11.2019 17:04

This is a dream of ours riding such a great RV through the US

03.11.2019 17:07

This is a dream of
Ours riding such a great
Tv through the US

                 - brittandjosie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

03.11.2019 17:07

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is our dream home. Wish we could have done this about 15 years earlier, but had to get the kiddos through college. With careful planning, we were able to make it happen. Now we're finally getting to enjoy our retirement. Keep pushing yourself and it will happen.

In my first post about our RV, I commented that we got knocked down many times, but we never stopped looking at the picture and saving towards our goal. Ours is small compared to others we looked at. But 40 - 50 ft. was just too big for us. Small and cozy is all we needed. Good luck with your dream.

04.11.2019 04:33

I think @xcountrytravelers Ren had one or travelled in one but I am not sure. Well one day I will go on a holiday in one

04.11.2019 08:26

Yes, she was saying in Discord. It's so much fun. You will definitely enjoy it.

04.11.2019 18:05

We have the idea to rent one and travel
In the usa

04.11.2019 18:24