One afternoon, Frankie, Roonie, and Joeny had a video chat. The three were casino gamers addict and best of friends. Roonie call to confirm the two if their normal casino day which is always on Saturday night is a confirm date. Joeny explain he can't because of his knee pain bothering him but not that serious.

"Oh, damn man, am ready with my bet, full wallet," proudly Roonie said.

Frankie then speak, "hey Roonie, relax. I have a solution for that. We can still enjoy casino games in the comfort of Joeny's condo. We will play there."

Roonie answered, "whoa really?"

Joenie ask, "how?"

Frankie abruptly answer, with BetTronLive."

Roonie and Joeny with wide eyes, in unison, "whats that?"

Frankie smiling, "I'll explain."

What is BetTronLive

BetTronLive is the first-of-its-kind live dealer base on the Tron Network Blockchain. A project that combines two of the most innovative technology Blockchain and live dealer gaming, thus taking the Blockchain into real world online casino and us, gamers, to the next level. It is also creating a pioneering gaming eco system which links all participants in real time. Meaning we can play using our PC, laptop, tablet or we can use our android phones, while on our pajamas plus our wives can serve us our brewed coffee. We can play our usual game then later play poker, dice, slot machine, RNC game and sport bookies.

Roonie, "hmm, that's awesome."

The Game Format
On the BetTronLive platform the focus will be on live dealer games such that players would get at a table just same atmosphere on any land-based casino around the world. We as players will see the croupiers deal cards or spin the roulette wheel. Dealers can re-engage to us players and chat, share strategy and then jump right back in the game together. We can experience a realistic and authentic experience. The use of live operation model streaming cameras will capture the whole scene of the table and dealers action. An automated card or game result recognition system will assess the result and transmit it to the players interface. This technique can be applied in Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Sic Bo games. The BetTronLive based platform integrates a video streaming service information to player interface screens and determine wins and losses. The cycle is repeated at approximately 50 seconds intervals. The complete process is monitored by an assigned person to make sure there is no error.

Modus Operandi
BetTronLive is a platform based on the Tron Blockchain Network that uses a cryptocurrency as a reward token for players and participants.

RAKE - which is a BetTronLive own native token will be use by players fot the games, hold or sell them on exchanges. At the end of every games, we the players can claim the coins directly into our wallets.

RAKE is a TRC-20 token. It can be earnef in some games through the Proof of Play mechanisms. Blockchain Technology allows as players a complete freedom to transfer RAKE tokens between each players or just hold them in safe place. RAKE will be traded to on several decentralized exchanges. Players do not need to install or run any additional software or hardware to mine RAKE. BetTronLive also utilise the TRON TRX token in all dealer games. TRX tokens cannot be minef but can be obtained on othet exchanges and deposited to user's wallets on BetTronLive.

TRX and RAKE can be stored on hardware wallets that support the TRON Blockchain like Ledger Nano S and Tregor. It can also be stored by users on the integrated third party wallet that BetTronLive will use. Users can purchase TRX directly via many digital assets exchange markets in case they do not have any. To deposit TRX on the BetTronLive platform we need to just add our wallet addresses to the system then the balance is automatically updated.

For withdrawal we need to make a withdrawal request on the BetTronLive Casino will execute the transfer from the Blockchain wallet to our wallet automatically.

Joeny, " Frankie am interested, come over here with Roonie. Let's talk about this with beers on our hands."

Frankie, "Okey, see yah. I'll bring fresh bangus so we could grill and discuss more of the details especially the key benefits of BetTronLive."

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I can relate to this article. I almost always do my activities online, order my food, groceries, watch movie, social interaction and now online gaming. It saves me money and time and most of all the comfort it affords me. I am really excited about this platform coupled by the live wold give an interesting twist on the social interaction of the players.

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Olivia08 dire mao ni...

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28.07.2019 11:06

I love how you started this one ate Jurich! It's very important that we can stiil do things behind those that hinder us just like those 3 friends.

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