Zspace.- Mixed Reality with AR / VR

Hello friend again @ junior182

Today this time I come to bring you a very different lapto to the others this uses the technology for an AR / VR interaction allowing to amplify the images in 3D. This laptop brings as tools:

  • A cameras.
  • 3D glasses.
  • Optical pencil.
  • Sensors

These tools offer the user a different experience in interacting with virtual objects where he can mobilize it wherever he wants and in turn rotate it as if it were a real object.



  • Resistant to the use of young children, any blow.
  • Contains two USB ports with 3.0 speed.
  • Micropuerto for the optical pencil.
  • HDMI port.
  • Connectors for the use of headphones and microphone.
  • Your glasses are polarized with 5 reflectors.
  • FHD resolution screen.
  • Wireless networks.
  • Patalla with a size 15.6 inch.
  • Contains a main storage of 8 GB.
  • The pencil can zoom in and out, open a menu or select objects.
  • It has a battery that can last approximately 3 hours and 9 minutes.




Watch this video and enjoy the magic...

Enjoy the mixed reality with this new lapto ...

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