Weekend. CTP in Moving Market

Hello here again your friend @junior182

The CTP market has had some movements this week, people who are selling their coins, even the value has been maintained for several days for the purchase 0.04 and for the sale 0.02, making even people sell it at such a low price.

Let's keep producing quality content, commenting on voting and staking to get more votes from this tribe, supporting this great team that has done very well ...

So do not wait any longer continue to publish, since this tribe arrived I have felt rewarded because it was a small fish, that wrote post I did not earn anything, but after CTP I have obtained income, we value our touch, we do not sell it in a bear market ...

Happy weekend

Bid: 0.02003 STEEM
Ask: 0.049786 STEEM
24h Vol: 36 STEEM / $5.11
Last: 0.02003 STEEM / $0.00281


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That is great advice @junior182, and Jon has also talked all week about the very soon arrival of the CTP token IPN, allowing people to easily buy and sell products and services with CTP, that's a gamechanger, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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19.10.2019 20:07