The Mask.- Fun and crazy

To enjoy a fun night, one of the films that made Jim Carrey, the Mask, a good ranking could not be missing. It was another movie I saw with my father at the movies. Times that will not return, but remain in my thoughts and heart of the beautiful moments that I shared with him.



This tells the story of a shy man, that all people make fun, his life is too boring. One day a mask is found in a lake, to which he does not know that this object will change his life, it will bring him strong problems, they can all head. One day a woman enters the bank to open an account, but this one only simulated to be able to photograph a safe, which Stalyn uses to show her the safe. Stalyn to see this beautiful woman was stunned crush of a love. The woman seeing how Stalyn treated her began to have sympathy with him, because of the way he treated her.


One night while he slept, his dog begins to bark at the mask, Stalin wakes up checks what happens to his dog, takes the mask tries to bring it close to his face, suddenly he feels an attraction to the one that breaks it, then he takes it puts it on the faces, which this transforms into a green type, well dressed, in a very funny way., this has the powers of a mask of Loky, which uses this power to do the opposite that he would do Stalyn



This film premiered in 1994, starring Cameron Diaz and Jim Carrey, this is related to the comic strip that has the same name the Mask, this film made this actor more known thanks to his great comedy dramatization. This has a sequel released in 2005, but was not starred by Jim Carrey, although something funny, I lack the essence the touch that puts the movie Jim Carrey.


My opinion

A comedy movie, which you can enjoy as a family, thanks to Jim's feature I assure you that you will have fun, you will spend a fun night. So don't wait any longer and prepare your popcorn.

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