Tap Strap 2.- Gesture-controlled keyboard and mouse

Hello again your friend @ junior182

I am glad to be with you again, this time to present another technology, this time I bring you a keyboard and mouse very different from what you are used to, this one is called Tap Strap 2, this device that is shaped like a finger strap is not more than a keyboard and a mouse that go on the fingers transmits the information through gestures, the device is captured by bluetooth.


This keyboard is used on the knuckles of the fingers of one hand, you can type and select the information you want from your tablet or laptop all this with one hand.



  • Control any device connected by Bluetooth.
  • Freedom of movement.
  • Mouse and keyboard in one.
  • battery life 10 hours.
  • Control a smart TV.




Watch the video

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13.10.2019 21:48