Success.- Mentalize it make it real

It is normal for the human being to want to propel, achieve success, be a successful person, the strange thing would be not to love him or to be a person who will conform to what he has. It shouldn't be that kind of person.

It is said that poverty is a serious social problem that can be a mental problem, so if poverty is a mental state? wealth is it too? thoughts are powerful weapons where we can attract wealth, properness and well-being. We must eliminate limiting ourselves, from not taking the risk to launch new projects, for fear of failure or attracting negative thoughts such as that it cannot go wrong, that we do not trust ourselves for having a bad image.

One of the main ones to start the success is to converge that you have the right to succeed in life and be rich in all areas, where you should imagine and meditate on it.


To be a successful person we must discover ourselves inside, in the mind that is the hidden treasure chest? where we can start working our wealth and eliminate completely mentalize poor but very bad things are worth, already having health a person has earned a share because they have no impediments to fight for their success and wealth.

Meditate for a few minutes every day when you get up and before falling asleep visualizing in your objective what you want to repeat the word but that your heart comes from the bottom I have abundance and success in life "Every day that passes I get better and enrich myself in all aspects". By making use of the subconscious daily, you will be able to obtain the success and the money you need, apart from discovering the confidence and inner strength you need to achieve your most unreachable dreams.

I know that now you are thinking that it is nonsense, but you should not think in this way you should trust and believe that you deserve to be a successful person and project your goals to achieve them, to have self-assurance that will make others join your initiatives. Transmit self-confidence, security you are already making a difference.


The greatest limit that a person can put on is the mental one. If you get up and start with a negativity, everything that surrounds you is true in that way, but if on the contrary you think of positives that you will achieve, you will achieve what you want, but If you see yourself as a person who can only be an employee all his life, you will continue to be.

Do not put limits, dream that you swim in money, that is a super millionaire person, most people have in common that they knew that one day they would be rich, they would be great and fulfill their dreams, but they saw it was real.

Every day you must tell yourself I am a rich person, but not only say it you must believe it, and if you have not been able to believe it you must work in this attitude until you can believe it yourself. You must have positive thoughts such as:

  • I get richer every day.
  • I am an economic independent.
  • Money flows to me, just like the beach waves.
  • On the way I will find the person who will finance my project.
  • I am a rich person.
  • I am a successful person,
  • I wish that the people around me are rich and successful.
  • The more money I have, I can share with others.
  • My properness increases daily.
  • Every money I spend, comes back to me multiplied.


To succeed in life, the second step is confidence in yourself, in knowing yourself. What can you do to get this? You can make a list in a place that you are just writing down:

  • Ten virtue.
  • Ten major defects what you should avoid to attract your success.9
  • Your skills.
  • Your biggest successes.
  • Your biggest failures.

Make an analysis of this list that you want to change or avoid from your defects. Why and how did those successes happen? because you failed what were those weak points to reach failure. From there you are knowing in yourself how you are or as a person that most affects you. You must work both negatively and positively. The negatives must go one by one eliminating the example that you are a lazy person, such a person is not successful in life.

How the rich did to achieve their success?

One of the things that person used was to imagine and believe in himself. Visualizing how their fortunes grow.

Words from famous people like Henry Ford or Bill Gates.

Everything is possible. Faith is the substance of those we expect, the guarantee that we can realize them..--Henry Ford

I will get to install a computer in every office and home. --Bill Gates

So we must think like these people who saw their real futures and got it today, think of inspiration, harmony, prosperity, happiness, a life full of money. There are people who have written their dreams and read it every morning, place it in specific places forever keep it mentalized.


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This was very deep reading but a lot of great stuff also.


11.11.2019 21:41

But it is a great read, which we must put into practice. Change our mindset

11.11.2019 23:39

Amazing post Junior! Let's create that vision and make it happen

12.11.2019 00:06

That is the essence of this post, to realize what we do not mentalize. Being a successful and independent person

12.11.2019 00:20

Great advice @junior182, getting in the right mindset fo success makes us do what is nessecary to achieve it in practice, thanks for sharing, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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