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Continue when you think you can not more is what makes you different from others.- ROCKY, These words were said by the great actor Sylvester Stallone when he starred in the movie that made him famous Rocky Balboa, these phrases indicate that we should not give ourselves for defeated, we must continue even if we believe that we can no longer, that our greatest obstacle is ourselves, if we believe we can continue, we will be different from others.


Summary of the movie

This film tells us the story of a 30-year-old Italian who makes a living collecting debt, in turn practices boxing but without having priority. That gets to know a woman named Adriana is a shy woman who has not dated a boy, despite being 25 years old, her brother seeing that Rocky becomes interested in his sister invites him to his house and arrives to eat thanksgiving


On the other hand there is Apollo Creed a boxer and heavyweight champion, he would have a fight against his McLee Green but he will not be able to participate in the fight because he has a broken hand, so Apollo decides to choose a boxer anyone at that time chooses Rocky, making him motivate and have the opportunity to fight in a real fight, which could even win a champion's title. Rocky starts a boxing practice very different from other boxers who have the means to cost their workouts, that of running in the streets of their town, practice with the bodies of animals, apart from doing some workouts in the gym of Mickey.


That is a movie that starred Silvestres Stallone, which made it famous, premiered in 1976, this movie with more sequel today: Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa, Creed and Creed II


It is one of the film that leaves a lot of inspiration to a lot, where you only have to have the courage to fight for what you want, without giving up or for the changes, or for the place or for the space you have and the few tools , you should take advantage of each space to strengthen yourself.

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