Pretty Woman (1990) .- Retro Movie Wednesday

Tonight is Wednesday of a retro movie, this opportunity is the film Elefida Pretty Woman, How to forget the film that consecrated our beloved Julia Roberts, where she represents a protistut who lives a love story with a millionaire.

History Summary

This is the story of a young woman who works as a protistuta one night a millionaire man invites her to stay with her one night at the hotel, when sharing with her during the night she knows more about her, she asks the famous woman to stay with for a week his payment would be $ 3,000 to what she does for the big payment they will receive


But the millionaire makes this young sight and adapts to the customs of high society, buys her accessory clothes and takes her everywhere, every day that goes by she feels that this woman is filling the void she had in her heart, her innocence makes the millionaire fall in love with her.


It is a romantic film that debuted in 1990, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. This was directed by Garry Marshal. The awards obtained from this film was the Oscar for the best actress Julia Robert category. The Golden Globes Category best actress, best film, best actor, best cast. Cesar prize in foreign film.

My opinion

It is a romantic comedy film, which I invite you to enjoy again, see the flaming beauty of Julia Robert, who after 30 years of this production is still the most beautiful woman, is a more popular film that has left traces in many parties, so don't wait to enjoy this movie later, buy your popcorn and enjoy this retro night

One of my favorite scene


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