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This time I come to bring you a platform very different from that of steemit but that has a completely relationship with her, why? Because this has been created by a steeminian who has almost more than two years this platform is @tykee and at level 71 a person who has great knowledge on this platform, he wants to make the steemit have life again and more users emerge and return what they have left this ship because of the steep value, he and his friends formulated a project where you can keep track of the speed you can type and make your writing.
One of the differences in this project is that it specifies the activity that must be carried out in addition to increasing the pace of writing, it will be fun to complete each of the activities and generate an extra income that will help you. This Steeminian has many ideas that you want to implement on this platform:

  • Imagine conducting competitions in line with other users from other countries, you could even implement here a tournament that has a elimination schedule knowing who the winner would be.
  • Apart from sharing your results or tickets on steem you can do it on Facebook and Twitter other social networks, it would be great.
  • A control of a daily classification, so you will know where you are compared to other users.
  • I like the latter more because it will help people in need or charitable donations foundations.
  • You will obtain a portfolio of users where people who wish to provide the service for business plans, project documentation, content writing, translations and other activities may be directed.

This steminian has great plans for this platform, which I know will not only be these that I just named are many more, this friend needs our support, one of the things is let's not abuse the platform let's use it consciously for both our benefit and the one of the platform, we cooperate mutually platform like this there are in few? Because different is easy to use? Funny? Do not have so many procedures? You do not need to have a referral? Or create an account for your touch?

What do you need to start this platform?

Enthusiastic and many win from typing because here you can perform the activities and practice, apart from having 20 TPC in your account, maybe you think why e use an investment? This is currently being done so that there are no platform abusers.


I want to mention this part because I see that it is a very important part that we all know so that this platform was born according to @tykee:
•> Typeearn is created for users to have fun.
• To track your writing speed
• To increase the writing speed
• Serve as a means for people to access quality services of independent workers.
• To obtain monetary value through the Typeearn currency

You may wonder how you pay for that platform?

This is the formula for calculating the earnings you will get

(PE * PPM + TypePower) / 1000
PE = Written word
PPM = Words per
minute TypePower = Engine currency.
1000 = Standard value.


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This just the beginning of a great platform ...

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