Papita, maní, tostón.- Venezuela Pride

When I took my computer and began to investigate the link of this film on the basis of I thought it would not be for a Venezuela film, but that surprised to be, I am proud to present this film that I saw today Papita Mani and Toston, since it is a film that represents us Venezuelans, not that identifies us. Venezuela is known for the most beautiful women in the Universe, for its beaches, landscapes, we have different climates and a bit of every part of the world, we have a small desert that is the choir dunes, snow in the Andes mountains, a large savanna In the plain part, a beautiful Amazon, Bolivar peak, Angel Falls, Roraima but apart from being known for this earthly paradise, we know ourselves by the fans that we are to the Venezuelan baseball, but more to the teams Leones del Caracas and the Magallanes navigators when this team plays Venezuela is paralyzed.


And if more preamble here I leave a short summary of this movie.


This is the story of Andres a fan of the Lions of Caracas, one day in the games of the eternal rivals he knows the love of his life Julissa a Fan of the Magellan Navigators and daughter of one of the managers of this team, from this moment Andrés puts his world of heads on him, because to get close to her he pretends to be a fan of the Magellan Navigators, but she discovers that he is a caraquita fanatic. In order to continue their relationship, both of them will hide their fanaticism from their family, but this cannot be hidden for all time, their families will discover everything a tangle is involved, but where love will always triumph it will be above all.



This movie premiered in 2013, is a comic Venezuela film, which details the history and experience of a Venezuela when you start baseball games, such as his jokes, what they do for their team, what they have to endure when Your team pieden.

My opinion

A hilarious movie where I enjoyed and laugh at each comedy, the first time I saw this movie made me remember when I was little, I enjoyed these games, because my paternal grandfather was a fanatic caraquista my brothers and I were from the Magellan, that when I lost my grandfather's team that did not answer or call because I knew we were going to play a joke, the next day he appeared around the house said he was sore from the beatings he was given in the games, those times were fun to watch those games baseball, because it was what I shared with my grandfather. When I got to see her and my grandfather was not with me, but it made me remember those beautiful moments that I lived with my grandfather that were unique and special.


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