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Today I come to bring you a movie of the renowned actor Robin Williams, this was a great actor where his films were always a success, thanks to the original touch that he placed on his character. This opportunity I will talk about Mrs. Doubtfire.



This movie begins with Robin Willians that characterizes Daniel, a father who does not limit his children, but thinks about the fun, the work making voice dubbing animated films. While his wife is very strict, one day he arrives at the house and what he finds is a party, that is what his wife explodes begins the fight and she asks for a divorce.


Daniel leaves the house, but he does not want to lose custody or continue sharing with his children. Miranda places that she needs a housekeeper, he ingestes her so that a friend, where she makes a mask, disguises him as a woman so she can attend the interview, from that moment Daniel becomes Mrs. Doubtfire, This is a woman of English citizenship.


When Miranda sees her curriculum, and talks with her, she hires her to be the housekeeper of her house, take care of the children, Daniel, under that gracious diffractor, begins to share in his old house and see his children every moment, since If they are nothing. Apart from what he gets a new job, in that job he includes Mrs. Doubtfire, who becomes an icon in his TV program. Everything will be fine with Daniel and his family until the time comes that is discovered.



This is a film that premiered in 1993, it is a comedy that was distributed by 20th Century Fox, its main actor Robin Willians, Sally Field, Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence, Mara Wilson, Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Fierstein, Scott Capurro.


It is a very fun movie to enjoy as a family, the peculiarity of this actor makes us want to see this movie again and again, apart from showing us how parents can not be far from their children. Daniel took it in a very peculiar way to avoid being away from his children. Although he also loves his wife, he understood that for not having a responsibility in the house, he made Miranda's love outward declining until she asked for a divorce.

You want to enjoy a funny movie this Christmas, you reconstitute these, you will not stop laughing, so prepare your popcorn and enjoy it.

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