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"If you plan to get somewhere in life, you have to read many books." These words are very true, the importance of reading in humans is very important for their professional level, by means of them they get information that they need to function. These words were spoken by a well-known character so many by children and adults. Here I leave an animated image to guess who I'm talking about and what movie it is.

Who does not know this popular image?

Summary of the movie

This story begins with the birth of a very special girl who was placed by Matilda, her parents are people with a bad reputation, who did not take responsibility or parental love with her, this girl from small began to become independent very quickly thanks to her extraordinary qualities , just months later you can see how this girl writes her name on the kitchen table with a chocolate cream, and at two years she already had a lot of knowledge she cleaned herself, she ate, she was already a self-sufficient girl, with the time was doing different things that were not according to his age, at four years he had already read the magazine that was in his house, one of the things he liked most was to be alone, because he had the freedom to do what he wanted .


She loved reading a lot one day she asked her father for a book, to which her father denied her she said that television was a better one, the next day when she was alone this girl took a directory and looked for the address of a library , to which I get to go every day and have fun with reading, one day the librarian told her that it was not necessary to come every day that she could take books to her house, she finished reading and delivering it, from that moment the knowledge de Matilda continued to grow, fed by the writings of the great authors, giving her an important message that she is not alone. At six-thirty he asked his father to go to school to what his father refused.


But the next day in his business of selling used cars Matilda's father found an elementary school principal, but who was a fat woman, cruel and you hate children, decided to enroll Matilda in that school. From that moment Matilda knows different things and comes to discover his psycho-kinetic powers that he will have to teach his parents and help his friends.



This is a film full of comedy debuted in the year 1996, was produced and made by Danny de Vito, making these some the most popular movies and that broke box office when it premiered, the actors who participated in this film were: Rhea Perlman, Embeth Davidtz and Pam Ferris. This is a story that was based on the book of Roald Dahl's eponymous novel.


These stories do not leave the following moral:

  • Do not hurt anyone because it will always be returned to you: Here we see how his parents and the director behaved badly with maltilda that in the end they had their deserved.
  • Children need love and care: We see how matilda grew up without her father's love or affection, she looked like she was different from them and sought refuge in her books, until her teacher adopted her from there the teacher and she were very happy .

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