How has Steem impacted my life?

Hello here again @ junior182

Today I come to bring you something different, it is the participation of a contest that my sister @ celi130 told me, if you will know a little more about me. This contest was commented to me by my sister yesterday from that moment I began to think about all the things lived before steemit and after entering this platform, I can not deny that with so many thoughts that came to mind some tears came from my eyes, for so many things lived and people with whom I was now are not with me, without further ado I will start my anecdotes.

Before Steemit

I was out of my country, looking for an economic opportunity since my country is going through a strong economy, my two old job did not generate the necessary income to pay the necessary expenses to help my parents, since we were going through a delicate situation my father was diagnosed with T2 Occupant Injury C2 to C4 making his condition every time it was deteriorating, losing mobility of the legs and becoming invalid, we did all we could to have it operated, among my brothers, family and Friends we collected to buy the medical equipment that they did not request so that they could operate, since this was going to be operated in a Public Hospital (The situation of my country this type of hospital does not have the equipment, the Venezuelan must acquire it from a serum until the medical gown) since we did not have the financial resources, nor life insurance to do it in a private, after we had everything .

My parents

The necessary equipment, my father, mother and sister had to move to the city of Barquisimeto because it was where I was going to have surgery, it took more than 6 months for the doctors to give no answer, they always had an excuse and we passed a doctor already another, until one day they told us that they were going to do an operation to perform several operations, but at that time they also talked with my sister and mother explaining the situation and the risks of the operation that was to become invalid, plant or die in the operation , my father was waiting sitting in the wheelchair, when my mother tells my father what he said to Dr. Since it was a delicate situation my mother felt that she did not have the right to decide, that he had to know the risks and decide whether to operate or not, after knowing my father the risks decided not to operate, Barquisimeto himself looked for other methods to help my father from acupuncture to massages and exercises.

My father for a good time was fine I was in a rented house in Barquisimeto, with my sister and mother, my brothers and I went on weekends to visit him, since we worked we could go, after seeing that every time I gave less the money I decided to leave the country, to Colombia where I was looking for where to work, it is not easy for Venezuelan life to be out of their country, sometimes things are not as he looks, but thank God I found a stable job, which He helped me a lot financially and sent money to my parents, so that I could treat my father, his food.

Our Family Trips

In Colombia I met many beautiful places at that time I was working in Medellín, my days off I went to know different places that some colleagues of my work who were Venezuelans had for me had more time in this city, among the parts that I knew I loved the Rock From Guatape this is a magical place and very rich atmosphere and its unimaginable views, you have to climb to the top to enjoy all this I am telling you, other places I also enjoyed was the barefoot park, I can not deny that I enjoyed every landscape I visited, but within me what I most wanted at that time was to be with my family, or that they were here with me, to walk with my parents this beautiful places, since we were little our parents raised us to be a united family , traveling as a family, walking all together, you will imagine how I felt being outside my country and without my family what comforted me was that they were well and that I I was helping financially.

My trip to the Rock of Guatape

In December I returned to my country, to spend Christmas all together as we are used to, my parents returned to Piritu, we spent the Christmas holidays all together eating hawks, playing dominoes.

Our family reunions at Christmas

After finishing the Christmas holidays we had a blessing in my family my sister gave birth to a beautiful princess Daniela Beatriz, from the moment she loads that girls I cannot deny that she stole my heart. Then I had to think about the decision I had to make if I left my country again or stayed here with them, since my father was losing strength, my mother was the one who struggled with him in getting him out of bed, fixing my mother. towards everything to him, with that love that I have rarely seen as a couple, my mother is a great woman warrior of everything she did so that my father had a happy, stable life, even fighting against it. I entered a curriculum in several companies but there was no vacancy, making my mood lower every day, but I didn't want to leave, to continue with my family, one day someone told me that I had a great opportunity in my house, it was to have computer equipment and internet, that person told me about a platform called Steemit.

The first time he carries Daniela Beatriz, from that moment he stole my heart

Steemit in my Life

I joined Steemit in May 2018, at the beginning I created the account I doubted that a platform would pay to write, my first post was dedicated to my niece as I mentioned that girl has stolen my heart, it is with whom she has made having a rainbow In our life because of the storm we were going through, my first post did not get almost votes, causing me to be discouraged at the beginning, one night my mother tells me to continue insisting that everything at the beginning is not easy and that he insists and persists gets, well Thanks to his words of support, he made them continue and create more posts, my first posts of innovative products, here little by little I was earning income where I could help my parents and my sister with their daughter, the most important thing is that I was with My family, we were all at home and enjoying the smile of my niece, who has made all that we live had a ray of happiness, I had with my father until the day he died.

At the moment I live with my mother, my sister and my niece, with the help of this platform I have been able to contribute here in the house for the expenses, without being far from my country and my family, which for me are the most important. Thanks to this platform, it has given me economic security and has made us stay together as a family to continue here in my Venezuela.

My family this Christmas 2019, missing my Father

How Steemit Impacted in My Life

Steemit has been a window that has helped both my people and many Venezuelans and other people from other countries, but not only has it helped me financially but it has transformed me:

  • Being a Bloguee: Before meeting Steemit I had never done any blog, look every day I am here making a post, sharing with you whether it is innovative products, movie analysis or Affiliate Marketing, Thanks to Steemit I am a Blogger.
  • New Friendships: I have new friends from different countries where I share with them, thanks through this platform I know people from other countries.
  • Staying with my family: If I were not known to Steemit, I was gone from my country again, making me be far from my loved ones.
  • Intellectual: Every morning I open my computer I start reading the publications, comment and vote, I learn every day, making me grow my knowledge in different areas. Apart from knowing about cryptocurrencies.
  • See my niece grow: Daniela is like a daughter to me, giving me the blessing of seeing her every day, of seeing her grow, that she gives me the great love that only a child can give, it is a great impact that she has given to my life This thanks to this platform.

Why recommend Steemit?

  • Creating the account is free.
  • You get paid to write and share your knowledge, emotions, videos, photos, activities, movie summary and more, it suits you.
  • You do not need a Pay Pal account.
  • Easy to make your cryptocurrency changes.
  • You just have to invest your time, knowledge and fun.
  • There is no minimum to extract your payments.
  • You do not need referrals.
  • You meet new people.
  • Acquire knowledge of different areas.
  • You share with your family.
  • You don't have a boss yet
  • You can write at the time you want.
  • You stay in your country.

Thanks to steemit for giving us all these opportunities, to its creators, to the witnesses and to all that we make life in it. Thanks @theycallmedan for giving us this contest that made us remember our experiences before being in this great steemit family.

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