Happy Feet (2006).- A different adventure

"Behold the stars instead of the dark."
With this word I start my post, contemplating the stars means your successes, the good things you have done, your qualities, all the positive things in you, we should not focus on the darkness in the bad, in the negative, these words were said by the character of the movie that I saw today, are words that we must follow to get ahead. Without further ado the movie is Feet Happy.



Mumble is an emperor penguin that does not have a melodious voice, a great detail for one of its species since to attract their partner they must learn to sing their song will guide the female to choose with whom she will form her family, but Mumble despite being displaced by others he continues in school until graduating, he has always been in love with
Gloria, unlike Mumble, she has an excellent voice and many of her classmates are in love with her.


But despite Mumble not having that Don to sing with his heart, from a young age he discovered that he can carry the sound with his feet and perform a dance, but every judge says he is not worthy of being a penguin, apart from every day the fishing for them is too hard, as a result of these blame Mumble of being guilty of that curse he has brought with him, to which Mumble is excluded, but in that Mumble takes the opportunity to find out what happens with the fish, on his way he meets other penguins of different classes where they will help Mumble to discover what is happening.


It is a family genre film, made using computer technology and in 3D, this was produced by Animal Logic studios, the characters that participated with their voices were, Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy, Hugo Weaving, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, how to forget this great actor of Robin Williams in each film marked his mark of making us laugh. He won the Oscar prize in the best animation category, BAFTA prize in the best animated film category and nominated in the best music category, Golden Globe award in the original song category, nominated in the best animated film category.



  • One of the morals that this great film leaves us, is the damage that humans can cause to other species if you do not take preventive measures, we are currently experiencing global warming that is causing Antarctica to harm many animals, this is Observe since Mumble embarks on his journey and knows humans and humans begins to know their habitat, at the end of the film it is observed how countries agree to eliminate fishing in certain areas, in order to ensure their existence.
  • We should not exclude people for being different, this part is observed as Mumble moves away from him for being a different penguin, we must not focus that they are not equal, if not take advantage of the good.
  • There is no limit to meet the goals, Mumble saw no limits to know what happened to the fish, nor was afraid of humans he just wanted an answer, he would not stay calm until he found it.
  • As the pollution hurts the animals: this is observed when the Guru almost dies from a rubber that is stuck in his neck.

You have to be happy like this cute penguin no matter what others say ...


Url Movies: https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/9836-happy-feet
Critic: AAA

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