Good News on CTP

Hello here your friend @ junior182

Every day is new and good news on the CTP platform, which makes us happy and proud that we are within this family that is just beginning, before starting my post I want to congratulate this great team that have made good strategy to maintain the Order not only in the publications but also in the economy in the value of your cryptocurrency, it is not easy to manage a project, but I know that @jongolson is a people of good ideas never give a false foot, when you do not know something you are looking for advice.

Among those good news is the new labels to identify your content in relation to affiliate marketing and
Affiliate, so we will have the most classified content for people who want information.

The other good news as the volume of the CTP touch has been growing in small steps, being this that is worth taking a long-term value, the long-term projects are good because it can take better control of your planning.

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I could not agree more, great advice.


21.08.2019 08:59

Indeed some good news!! And I look forward to hear more good news, as I believe theyr comming! Success

21.08.2019 16:33