First month

Hello everyone here your friend @junior182

On this occasion I want to congratulate the ctptalk team , for the stability they have maintained in their two great strengths, they touch CTP and CTPM. This great project has completed a month of its launch demonstrating that it is a good project where everyone who wants to write, know, comment and vote on everything related to affiliate marketing, if you want to create your own business this is the best option to meet and give Get to know your business, apart from that you can also learn on clicktrackprofit.

Returning to my central theme that are the touches of this platform have kept a fluctuating value always on the rise, that very good for us users at the time to change our rewards are positive.

Today in the Steem Engine market the CTP is:

Casting into the futurectp.png

This being great news, I'm glad to be part of this great project and get rewards through my publications and my mining. One of the great strategies that they implemented was the areo launch that they have done so slowly so that they obtain better control in the market and not beyond the wave of token for sale making this that their purchasing value goes down ....

Congratulations @jongolson for your great strategies, this is the first of many more ...

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I could not agree more

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28.08.2019 20:32

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29.08.2019 20:54

The tribe is pushing forward

30.08.2019 06:56