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If life defeats you what needs to be done? We will swim, we will swim, we will swim .. These words said by a very peculiar character in an animated film are very wise, since it tells us that we should not stagnate, lock ourselves in, we should go on and on, move forward. We fall but we can get up and continue with our dreams, that there is nothing impossible that the limits we do not put ourselves to redirect. So if life defeats you what needs to be done? Continue, I imagine that by reading these words you already know what the movie is today, yes, you guessed right, it is Looking for Nemo, those words were spoken by our friend Dory, who despite being a little fish with a long-term memory problem , is very wise. So if more preamble Looking for Nemo.



This is a film that tells the story of Nemo a clownfish that has a very overprotective father, for the great reason that he lost his wife and his other children as a result of that he promised to always protect and take care of his son, but one day Nemo disobeys his father this was captured by a diver, to which Marlin the father Nemo from that moment gave himself to find his son, but among his search is a little blue fish called Dory this has trouble remembering things, since that moment both begins the search but what he does not know is the great adventures that both will live: shark fights, dangerous meduzas, great way with turtle, whales among others.

These great adventures will make this overprotective father change and give his son a little more confidence ..


This family-friendly movie, full of adventure, animated. Produced by Pixar Pixar Animation Studios, it was premiered in 2003, it was nominated and won the Oscar for best animated film, the 3D one was made and it was re-released in 2012.


  • One of the great morals of this film is the trust that must exist between father and children, must be a father who supports your children, give him a vote of confidence that he knows he can do it, you should not overprotect them, if you do not take care of them and To guide them, at the beginning of this movie we saw Marlin a father on protector who takes care of his son for the tragic experience he had with his wives and children, but after all the adventure that happened and when he found his son this Marlin fish changed.
  • Another moral is not to let us collapse for anything, for any obstacle that we are going through, we must always keep going and more the things we love, this part was observed in the whole plot of the movie to see how Marlin continued in the search for his son, nor Meduzas, no sharks, or seagulls made this fish stop.
  • As children we must obey our parents, Nemo nothing happened if he was obeyed his father, parents always want the best for their children.

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