CTP Value.- Steem Engine Market

Hello here again your friend @ junior182

Today I see the market of steem engine CTP token its value has remained the same price, not seen variation. Only in its volume is it that has changed.

So let's keep our token friends, let's just have more voting power, this will get more reward.

Its value is at $ 0.00425.

Bid: 0.03019 STEEM
Ask: 0.0578851 STEEM
  Vol: 7 STEEM / $ 1.05


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Thank you for providing this information

10.10.2019 14:20

Thank you for reading and supporting my publications.

10.10.2019 14:35

Nice update about the CTP token @junior182, and great advice about staking them, keep it up and stay awesome.

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10.10.2019 20:59