CTP movement

Hello again here your friend @junior182

Information of the last moment, the CTP market in Steem Engine has been mobilizing in recent days, that to acquire this sheet it reached its value at 0.028, but just now it enters this market again its value has risen 0.046 sirs, this is giving again value to this token, it will continue to acquire more value with the start that the project Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) will soon be.

What is the IPN?

This a notification service through a message that informs merchants of an instant payment, this system is widely used in Pay-Pal.
In this you can make payments and buy product since merchants will have this notifications enabled, this will make a boom so bring more business to this page and get more support.

So friend, let's continue on this platform that is just beginning but climbing great steps. Another of his great finds was the implementation of the market on the Steemleo platform.

Comparison image of the market this morning and that of a moment ago ... I want to hear what you think of this?
cttp 1.png

cttp 2.png

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That looks like a great movement @junior182, and the IPN in particular will continue to help the price a lot going forward in my view, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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24.10.2019 19:36