CTP IPN.- The First Pre-launch Phase has arrived

Hello here again your friend @junior182


On this occasion I want to congratulate @jongolson for accomplishing his goals, making this platform with his currency go to the top. It is not only going to be able to exchange this currency in the market, either SE or Dex Leo. Now with our rewards we can already exchange for products, maybe your reader does not know the news of this great lord, will you tell yourself how to buy product with this currency? Here with Jon's own words I certify:

"Yes, CTP tokens can now be used to buy ANYTHING online using our IPN script."

Apart from that already in this first phase there is the company that will acquire the products with this token. This is as much progress for Jon as for us steemit users, the CTP tribe and ClickTrackProfit, all of us who integrate these environments will benefit from them. We will get great opportunities before the end of this year.
Currently the value of this token is valued in the market:


I want you to detail this value today, because it will soon be true how its value will rise as a foam of wine in a celebratory bottle. So do not wait any longer acquire these coins, or acquire it by doing post. You are the one who decides…

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The CTP token IPN is a great thing indeed @junior182, and it's finally here, so great advice to post and engage in CTPtalk to earn them, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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28.11.2019 22:02

As @thisisawesome has said the CTP IPN is a great thing.
That good I am already on the list to get it and then install it and start using it.
Alas I went looking for you at @ClickTrackProfit but was unable to find you as your username must be different there. I like to now who I am leaving replies for by name not just a username.

Keep up your efforts as I can see you have already put an effort in on @CTP tokens and miners.
Good Stuff


29.11.2019 07:42