CTP.- How to acquire CTP Currency?

Hello here again your friend @ junior182

Hello I hope your week was productive, this weekend enjoy every moment with friends, family. Today I come to bring you market news if you have a business and want to invest in turn acquire online marketing knowledge come to this platform that is CTPTalk, this platform is aimed at those people who want to know about this market traffic world, You can get more learning on their website here you can find videos of training tasks and among many other things that will help you in your business if you don't wait any longer start producing here.

I tell you that your market has been very stable today:

Bid: 0.03019 STEEM
Ask: 0.05009 STEEM
Vol: 1 STEEM / $ 0.20
Last: 0.03019 STEEM / $ 0.00418


How can you buy this currency?

Login to steem Engine

Go to piss CTP

buy ctp.png

you put the amount you want to buy

You will see the Steem Keychain key enter your password.

You will have acquired this wonderful coin. And if you want to start your investment well, I suggest you bet it and start with productive content and enjoy this platform and welcome to CTPTalk.

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