Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005).- Adventures, sweets and lots of fun

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Wouldn't it be wonderful, Charlie, to open a chocolate bar and find a Golden Ticket inside? -Yes it would be, grandfather. But we have no hope, 'Charlie said sadly. I only receive one chocolate a year. "You never know, honey," said Grandma Georgina. Next week is your birthday. You have as many possibilities as any other.

This is a famous phrase from a film well known to children and adults Charlie and the chocolate factory, here we see a boy who believes he has no hope of winning the golden ticket for not having the money to acquire several chocolates, to which his Grandparents give him hope in telling him that he may be one of the elect that he is no less than anyone. These words remind us that many of us can think that we do not have the luck or the possibility of not having or winning something, just because of the shortage of not having more possibilities than others, we should not think in this way we should have faith and hope , never give up but fight for what we want. The movie is Charlie and the chocolate factory.


Summary of the movie

This film tells the story of a chocolate factory owner, while cutting his hair, he noticed that he had a cane, making him feel insecure in himself, that his thoughts are no longer focused on what he always did to direct a chocolate factory, this time made Willi think about what would happen if he was no longer in the chocolate factory, how his company would be and his umpa lumpa song, would be helpless, he had to find a person with a good heart that could take his company and take care of them, to which he had a brilliant idea, to give five golden tickets distributed in a chocolate bar, five children would come to his factory and the last one left would win a one-year prize of pure chocolate plus a surprise prize .


These chocolates were discovered by five children from different countries and various social classes, they could enter the factory with a representative, in these children was Charlie a very low-income child, who lived with his parents and grandparents in a house, in those days this child was going to be years old and his father gave him a chocolate, to which the boy at that time was not lucky, he thought he had no hope of obtaining that golden ticket for not having the money to buy more chocolate, to what his father and grandfather told him that he had all the possibility that any other child, but one day walking towards his house, he finds a ticket and runs to a store acquires a chocolate bar, which when uncovering it is found with the golden ticket, his person around tries to buy it to what the seller tells him to go running to his house and not sell it to anyone, before arriving at his house he meets a man who proposes to give him a lot of money in exchange for the chocolate formula of Willi Wonka, to which he refuses. Then Charlie arrives at his house he tells the family of his great find, in that even a grandfather who worked in that factory and has been in bed for a long time, jumps from happiness and tells him to accompany him, to which Charlie says that he was offered a lot of money for that ticket, that it would be better to sell it to help his parents with the economic situation they are going through, to which his other grandfather tells Charlie only a fool would make that decision, and you are not a fool right Charlie? To which the boy replies that no, the next day is the entrance of the five children with their representative to the chocolate factory, from this moment the children and Willie Wonka will have various adventures, which will make it fence knowing each child and take the best decision who will take the jackpot.


Movie Details

This is a film that is based on a story that was written in 1964 by Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, before this elicula have been presented on the screen large others in 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory , this movie premiered in 2005, its main cast Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, David Kelly, Helena Bonham Carter, Noah Taylor, and Deep Roy.


This family-friendly film leaves us with a great moral:

  • Money is not more important than the love of the family: This is seen in the film when Wonka offers Charlie the company, but tells him that he must move to the company with him, but forget about his family, at Charlie does not accept, for him there is nothing more important than the family or all the money, this makes Wonka reflect, making familiar love known, and reconcile with his father.
  • The excesses to not be obedient is bad: This can be observed when the child begins to eat everything in the garden of the factory that is pure chocolate without having any control, to which they warn him not to touch it he insists, for not following the indications that child fell to the river was subsioned by a tunnel.
  • We must not please the whims of a child: This can be seen when the girl tells her father to buy a squirrel from the one she has in the Wonka factory, this is not to be sold, the girl goes straight down to where the squirrels are there, but the squirrels give the girl a lesson as the father who pleases her daughter's whims.
  • Respect and obedience are very important: The child takes control to appear on television, although Wonka's warning, this child ignores and disrespects, while also complying a punishment.

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