Away from Steem and CTP.- Reasons that are beyond my hands.

Hello here again your friend

A moment ago read an article by @jongolson where he details that as time goes by many people abandon what they have started because they do not like long-term investments. This is the case on the one hand he is right, most of them like to see fast and short-term results, and seeing that they do not get what they want, they withdraw, perhaps to start another project that has already started and they are hoping that it will bear fruit quickly. Everything in life is not easy, nothing comes overnight, you have to be persistent. It is when you sow a fruit every day should be aware of paying it to water it, to remove its weeds, until a period that fruit will reward you every effort and dedication you had towards it.

In my case I was without writing 23 days ago, my God almost a month, it was not for reasons that I abandoned this project, or left and believed in it. If not that in my country Venezuela every time the situation is stronger, a minimum salary is equivalent to $ 1, while that does not yield at all, or to buy a coffee, sad right? but unfortunately it is happening.

My reasons for not doing post a part of what I just named, is the bad internet service that I have in the area of ​​live. We have spent almost a month without this service. It has been the worst I have experienced because I could not publish again, nor read the great publications of other users, besides I had no income to help my family in food. Because here, what I earn only yields me for food, that is why I continue here, to continue improving every day, working on a new post, with the help and vote in your favor, I thank you.

Today I saw the steem engine market and the CTP cryptocurrency has remained at a good price, its flutuactions have been very well controlled by this great team of and @jongolson, its value is for:

Buy CTP: 0.0789949
Sell ​​CTP: 0.05551


This is great news because the expectations we have had, the care that this team has had is paying off every day. I say goodbye until another new opportunity ...

Want to know about this project:

=> CTP condenser

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine

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Nice to see you back here again @junior182, and I hope your internet will work better now, have an awesome weekend ahead.

20.09.2019 15:15

Thank you my good friend @flaxz, for your wish and welcome. Well the important thing is that I have internet. But very bad service. A page to load lasts 4 to 5 min at least

20.09.2019 16:02

Wow that is a very slow connection, kind of like the early 90's, take care and stay awesome.Posted with

21.09.2019 16:34

Welcome back @junior182, and let's hope that your internet continues to work, and I agree CTP is really great and the price have held up quite well, stay awesome.

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20.09.2019 21:08