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Today a sunny day dawned in my city, a little hot in the morning hours, after having my breakfast, I started to do the job of making a post, I decided to comment on a movie on the platform, last night I saw a movie This brought me many memories, which is why it was the first movie I ever saw with my father in the cinema.

Although we were a family of low economic class, my father always went out of his way to plunder us out for a walk to a place, or go to the movies we spent a family day and different. We filled a bag of cotufas so as not to generate external expenses, but we watched the film happy with it. Today he is no longer by my side, that movie last night reminded me of the beautiful moments I lived together with him, thank you father for all you gave us and the beautiful moments you gave to my brothers, my mother and me.

And without more haste that movie was Ace Adventure



This is a detective but very different from everyone else, this is dedicated to the recovery of animals, his film begins with the rescue of a dog, arrives at a house pretends to be a mailman, in that he can recover the dog and it delivery, the woman pays the detective differently.


Then in another scene Ace comes out, entering the apartment the concierge begins to say that he is paid and that he removes the animals from that apartments that are not allowed, in Ace he starts driving with his keys giving signs to his animals that must be hidden. That is what Ace enters with the concierge and they see that the apartment is completely alone, when the concierge leaves the apartment, Ace makes a whistle in that all the animals hidden in his apartment come out and are placed around him, making him a king of the animals.


On this occasion Ace must rescue the Miami Dolphins mascot, which was kidnapped, this pet is very important for the team, without it he could not make the Super Bowl. From that moment Ace is given the task of rescuing him.


This is a comic movie that premiered in 1994, starring Jim Carrey having a personality of animal lovers that you know every detail of them, he has a hairstyle of Elvis Preley. This film has been a success thanks to the personality of this protagonist to give his personal touch, his gestures and ways of every humorous thing.
If you want to laugh for a while and you are animal lovers, I suggest this movie, and the sequel Ace Adventure. Possibly we can enjoy the third installment hopefully it is with this protagonist who is who gives his exceptional touch.

Prepare your cotufas

Critic: AA

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