Windows 10 19H2, here are the new details: it will be like a 'minor' update

Finally, Microsoft shared some data about the next update with characteristics scheduled for the end of the year. As anticipated owing to the release method of the somewhat distinctive preview variants, Windows 10 19H2 could be a "minor" update and we'll have to wait until the 20H1 version for the next significant release. The latter is already being tested on the Fast Channel, while the Slow Channel has just published the first construction of 19H2.

"The next Windows 10 features update will add a number of focused characteristics to optimize efficiency, introduce fresh company characteristics, and enhance quality," one of Microsoft's managers wrote. In the coming months, before the end of the year, the update will be published and will be ##s for 30 months. These are the same rules that the business uses in the second half of the year for updates published.

What changes with the release of 19H2 is that it will be delivered through the minor update processes, with the procedure being less invasive for the end user in general. According to the business "those who downloaded May 2019 Update will have a much quicker update experience as the update will be installed as a monthly update." If, on the one hand, it's excellent news, as it won't force the user to interrupt his workflow as usual for several minutes, on the other hand, it's another signal that describes Windows 19H2 as if it were a May 2019 Update Service Pack rather than a new upgrade version.

As we have already written, the first 19H2 build was released on the Insider Program's Slow Channel, but does not contain any extra characteristics: "This update includes two modifications created for the manufacturers behind the scenes and does not contain anything obvious to the insiders," the firm emphasizes. "We use this version to evaluate our client update processing and delivery processes." The firm also indicated that a fresh "Controlled Distribution Function" (CFR) will be used to publish fresh characteristics when they are prepared for chosen Slow Channel insiders. However, the firm has promised fresh feature data that should come with the next update nearer to its overall public distribution. "It has to be said that we're already in July and Microsoft doesn't have much time to try out the news for Insiders. We don't understand if the same update method will be used for Windows 10 20H2, as the news published by the firms is still incomplete. Microsoft seems to want to move towards a" major / minor "release process by spacing the update with start-of-year characteristics.

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