SpaceX has lost communications with three Starlink satellites

While SpaceX has continued to operate on other initiatives (such as Falcon Heavy's first night launch), Starlink satellite testing remains. The latter were introduced about a month ago and are the constellation's first working prototype to bring the Internet anywhere on the globe.

However, three of the 60 Starlink satellites would no longer react to SpaceX and the firm now believes them to be "lost." It should be a comparative issue as they will burn in touch with the atmosphere's denser layers in a few days. And the other satellites what occurred? Here is the SpaceX initiative: 45 satellites achieved the orbit of 550 kilometers by activating the electrical thrusters 5 satellites are still reaching the predetermined orbit 5 satellites are being tested before 2 satellites were intentionally de-absorbed (not due to breakdowns) to monitor the final decommissioning. However, once it is completed, the constellation will consist of thousands of Starlinks (there is talk of 12,000 units over the next few years).

The satellites that have been flown into the atmosphere (for failure in particular, two and three) will not leave any debris in orbit. This is one of the new basic conditions for such a task as well as for future satellites. We remember that the space debris issue is severe and may compromise future missions.

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