Proofpoint Enterprise Archive: corporate data is managed in the cloud and with the AI

The evolution in regulatory terms means that businesses have to be much more effective in handling information and have to face demands from the authorities for access to them or controls. Therefore being able to supply these information without having to search for them manually would placed businesses in a situation of undoubted benefit and leave minimal margins of mistakes or omissions. Precisely in this direction, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive provides businesses with a tool that gathers and manages information using artificial intelligence as well.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive: the data archive managed by Proofpoint Enterprise Archive (artificial) Intelligence enables you to store business information in the cloud, such as emails, SMS, internet collaboration tools and records, and make it easy to access and search all of these information.

There are many benefits provided by this alternative: on the one side, a single storage and data management point is provided, thereby simplifying the framework; on the other side, the use of Technology Assisted Review (TAR) methods enables information to be cataloged and categorized on the basis of particular regulations that are particularly helpful for organisations with big volumes of information, as they simplify the sea

Thanks to these methods, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, in conjunction with e-discovery characteristics, enables information to be searched in moments that are difficult to achieve for any method involving human intervention. The information discovered are then subjected to human evaluation, which is the only one that can eventually determine the real significance of the finding. More velocity also implies significantly reduced expenses than traditional alternatives.

"It is essential to have accessible a data storage and analysis solution that enables faster e-discovery procedures in the business," stresses Luca Maiocchi, Proofpoint Italia Country Manager. "Thanks to the assistance of our partners, we are working hard to boost the spread of these innovative features so that organisations can improve their protection in complete accordance with all laws."

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