Does Stadia have to deal with an xCloud console?

If, on the one hand, Google claims that "the future of video games is not a console," thereby raising the hype bar for Stadia, on the other hand, Microsoft and Sony have already planned the future launch of their respective next-gen platforms: announcements on Redmond's Scarlett Project and PlayStation 5 in the past months. With the exception of the high-end PC dedicated to gaming, they will be able to go up to 8 K resolution and with a currently unmatched computing power.

Xbox: an financial console against Stadia Another device, cheaper and specifically intended for the cloud gaming service xCloud could also arrive from Redmond. Available with or without a bundled controller, it could cost between 60 and 70 euros at launch. No optical reader for physical media titles, no internal hard drive for downloading and installing games. It will connect to servers in the data center to stream. Brad Sams of the website has been talking about it in latest days.

It is not possible to exclude the assumption. In any event, financial console or not, from a multitude of devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets, xCloud will be available. It will deliver thousands of games instantly, as lately mentioned by Microsoft, from the launch day. The quality of the catalog will be one of the key components to decree these platforms ' success (or failure).

Therefore, on the horizon, the profile of a industry is described that promises to explode in the year or just ahead. Services already engaged in the cloud gaming region (such as PlayStation Now and GeForce Now) will be joined by those that Google and Microsoft have already listed. You can play in streaming, provided you have an appropriate link at your disposal: in the case of Stadia, you will need at least 10 Mbps to download titles with 720p resolution for access. It will take 35 Mbps for those who don't accept compromises and want to move up to 4K.

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