Covid-19 lockdown day 72 – exploring the epic south Cape coast of Africa once more

20200602_093052 2.jpg
With the pandemic lockdown now at level 3 here in mid winter of a still sunny South Africa, I finally have a chance to venture out more determinedly along the Garden Route south Cape coast of Africa once more. I’m back in my paradise here along the vast open rugged expanse of clifftop shoreline. You would never say it was winter, since the weather is still warm and sunny most days, despite one snowfall a few weeks ago briefly on the high lying inland mountains just about two hours form here.

I managed to hike all the way down to the shoreline this time, along a new path, very easy compared to my previous bundu-bashing and high risk cliff descents. This time I found the easiest path used by most of the fishermen along this coastline that live in the small lower income suburb nearby, who are subsistence fishermen, at least a small group of them.

From the beach itself, I was able to capture some epic photos of the amazing cave structures in the distance. Here in the above pic I zoomed in 4x, as much as my smart phone camera would allow, and captured this neat shot of the impressive hollow cave structure at the continent’s edge. This is how the African continent meets the Indian Ocean at its southernmost foot. I could spend hours roaming around on the rocky shoreline, quite alone, except some days for a few distant fishermen.

I have been back at my cliff hikes regularly for a while now, since level three lockdown has allowed us to go out for exercise at any time of day now, so I take the liberty to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, for the sake of improved health and immune system vitality. You don’t need much here other than the sun and the fresh sea air to feel invigorated and ready to fight off any virus. I really recommend a little visit one day when borders open once more and we can travel again.

Fortunately today my wifi is improved and I can upload a picture or two once more. The scenes are sublime and this area of the Garden Route in sunny South Africa is well worth exploring. Look me up when you’re in the area and I will take you to these lesser known clifftops and shoreline so that you can feel the epic timeless majesty and power of the African coast. It’s like a piece of the ancient past left behind here, lost in time, unchanged for millennia. You could almost forget the world was in a pandemic and lockdown just hanging out here all morning, or all day if you don’t care for the lockdown legalities.

No one will bother you here in this remote zone. You have the place to yourself all day long. What a pleasure, and a treat for marine explorers as well as ecologists or geologists. It is a winter wonderland and picturesque landscape that anyone will appreciate. I hope you are also as fortunate to have some sort of nature expanse where you are, in which you can immerse yourself and feel rejuvenated once more after all the pandemonium and pandemic paranoia lately. Our state of mind can affect our immune system and the outdoor expanse of nature here can really uplift the consciousness and thus improve the overall strength of our psycho-physical make up. And it’s free, a public space for all. The most valuable things in life are free here, as in space and time. All the rest are frills.

This is my sacred space, my temple, my place of communion with the divine, where I can get in touch with my higher self. It’s a natural pure and sanctified space, original and direct from the source, a great place to meditate and become balanced in body, mind and soul. Such places do still exist and this is one of them.

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