The passion to teach

How does your profession or your occupation influence your personality and your life, in the people close to you?

My profession does not always have a very positive influence on the lives of many of the people I meet for the first time, in fact before the pandemic and during it despite having very different lifestyles, in my life there are many things to do and that diversity once it sustains you how you are going to love what you do, you feel super good, motivated and that is the important thing, to do your work with love, with passion and even though we do not have the reward we deserve, teachers do our best for fulfilling such a beautiful and noble work.

It is important to remember that children, young people and people with a youthful spirit are the future and the present of tomorrow, a healthy and happy childhood will make a man or a woman with a good heart and values, let's try to create smiles in our children daily , supporting them and showing how important they are in our lives.

Having them fed with bread, ideas, passions, feelings and desires to follow their dreams is a very, very strong motivation.







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