I am addicted to Mochi ice cream :p

Isn't it pretty?

Two weeks ago I had never tasted one of these. I saw them in the freezer of the grocery store and I was intrigued so we grabbed a box. It's just ice cream wrapped in rice paste so I didn't expect too much.


But then I bit into it...

The texture! It's so unexpected...

It's like a soft marshmallowy magic that dissolves in your mouth...

I found this awesome video of how the paste is made, this guy is dubbed as the fastest Mochi maker and it's pretty fun to watch:

Mmm so gooey.... can you tell I like to play with my food?

So far I've tasted strawberry, mango, and my favourite yet, mint chocolate chip:

If you have a chance to try some you really should! I would love to taste it fresh so I'm trying to scope out if there are any local Japanese places that serve it.

Bon Appétit!

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which is your favorite flavor? ive seen these too but they always look so expensive so ive never tried, but nao maybe i will. wonders if there is a pistachio mochi

01.10.2019 19:11

Mint chocolate chip for sure, I know that's a love or hate flavor, the strawberry was pretty awesome too

01.10.2019 20:15

hmmm ya i cant do da mint so well even tho i like the taste. ima need to check out flavors.

01.10.2019 20:17

There is definitely pistachio. The matcha green tea one is good also. :)

02.10.2019 05:52

wants to nom all da flavors

02.10.2019 09:09

Do you only have 4 fingers?

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01.10.2019 22:39

I hope you find your Japanese place and that you like them a lot. It already made me hungry, I think it's gluttony. A hug and good vibes.

02.10.2019 19:19

how dare you :P

03.10.2019 03:11

I had never heard of that ^_^ Seems to be playful at least ! 😃

03.10.2019 08:10

Have a !BEER with me :))

12.10.2019 01:15

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Hey @juliakponsford, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

12.10.2019 01:15