Ocean of Art! Dive in and discover some promising new Steemit artists / Minnowsupport Curation Team

Ocean of Art is a weekly curation featuring some of my favorite art finds on the steem blockchain! These are all voted on using msp-curation (you can follow the trail on steemauto), artists who use both the palnet and creativecoin tags will receive those rewards in addition to steem! Please follow @msp-curation to see all the amazing posts from our curation team!

Draw with me: fly agaric by @amalinavia


GRIMFATHER. Pen drawing by @achristopherart


Half shadows // the process by @vermillionfox

Screen Shot 20190913 at 1.32.22 PM.png


The Enceladus Anomaly - Táwros II Exploration Crew Suit by @pepoarte


Playform // Creating Artificial Art Like a Boss by @shortcut


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Oh yes! Great choices!

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13.09.2019 18:23

Awesome creativity in this list. Thanks for including my post!

13.09.2019 19:44

The picture you have given well They are very good Everyone likes to see such different pictures.

15.09.2019 14:01