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Club100 || Reviews of Traditional Coffee Bean Processing

Roasting or burning using a traditional stove

Roasting or cooking coffee beans is one of the last processes for coffee beans to be entered into the roasting furnace and the furnace is rotated regularly by an automatic machine so that the coffee beans ripen evenly. Ripe coffee is a sign that the coffee beans are ripe and emit white smoke in the cracks of the furnacel alley and the coffee beans are poured into containers to be chilled. After going through various long coffee processing processes, the coffee beans are ready to be roasted according to their needs. The degree of roasting of coffee beans greatly affects the resulting taste.

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Coffee beans before processing

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during the process of burning coffee beans using modified limbs or tools

For example, those of you who like the taste tends to be bitter, then choose a darker roast or roast so that the coffee beans that are produced tend to be black. After the roasting process, the coffee beans are usually ready to be ground into coffee powder, ready to be processed or served in a glass. to be enjoyed.

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After roasting or burning, the coffee beans are left to cool

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