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Club100 || Betterlife -The Diary Game - Wednesday 23 March 2022 || Going out to geudong Tonight in heavy rain


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This morning, before leaving for work, Mamak woke me up, I told you to look for three kg of gas. Early in the morning, Mamak was cooking rice. Suddenly, after washing your face, you put your clothes on and went straight to look for gas. When you arrived at Keude, Jungka Gajah, showing where there was gas being sold. said Mr. Amir, if I was in the Blang Reuma area, I immediately went to Blang Reuma when I arrived at Keude Blang Reuma, there were only two more gases left, I immediately took one and brought it home, finished cooking rice, breakfast, showered and got ready to go work.

while at the Puskesmas in the administration room

When he arrived at work, he went straight to the administrative room to sign attendance and print out a training invitation for tomorrow so that @wahyuhidayat91 could give an invitation today to the geuchik of Paya Kumbuh village, @irawandedy asked me to go to hero kupi, I had to prepare the HRK file first, ordered @irawandedy first I followed behind after finishing the file and giving it to Nayla's mother when I finished I went straight to hero Kupi.


Arriving at hero kupi it was raining very hard

sitting down for coffee at hero kupi with coworkers

on the way to kupi hero see the sky is not friendly
The cloudy weather brought Honda faster so it didn't rain on the road when it arrived at the hero it was raining so hard it made me hungry I and @irawandedy ordered fried noodles, after the rain stopped until another steemian friend, at 17:20 wib I went straight to the market Traditionally, geudong buys noodle seasoning, if you go late, I'm afraid the pasur will close when I arrive at the market. I go straight to the shop when I arrive at the geudong market. I see keude selling noodle seasoning.


when you arrive at the geudong BPD ATM


waiting for the rain to stop in front of the geudong BPD bank


stop at pecal catfish by the roadside geudong to buy chicken penyet

After the Maghrib prayer, I went outside to Geudong before sitting at the Warkop, stopped at the Geudong BPD ATM for a while, came out of the ATM outside. It was raining so hard I had to wait for the rain to stop, I waited for almost an hour before the rain stopped, I immediately went home on the way home, stopped at the Pecal Catfish on the side of the road. buy a chicken penyet and continue the journey to the house.

thanks to @el-nailul @irawandedy ,@heriadi@sofian88 @klen.civil, @dan @miftahuddin.


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