Expressive art. Collage contest 2

Greetings friends!
Today I have the pleasure of sharing a collage that I made on occasion to the contest promoted by @georgeboya
I confess that since I made the first one, it has encouraged me to do many more. It is very fun and relaxing because it helps to express or interpret one's feelings and from which I feel very happy and satisfied with the result ...
In this case, I tried to express my art with several images loaded on my computer and I wanted to portray myself as if it were graffiti ...
The program to use was Adobe Photoshop and as I said before I really liked doing collages and I hope to continue practicing and perfecting this art digitally =)

collage juan.jpg

materiales collage.jpg

proceso collage juan2.jpg

proceso collage juan.jpg

Comments 4

I really liked the textures and colour combinations:) Nice that collage contest gave you the inspiration to do more artworks:) I am looking forward to see them:)

30.01.2020 16:34

Yes, it really is a very relaxing and fun method. The illustrations fly in the mind =)

31.01.2020 09:06

I love it ! It gave me a big smile 😄

01.02.2020 18:44

Thank you!
I'm glad =)

02.02.2020 11:16