My 2020: Just a normal day: My Market Day´s Trip

Today I am going to show you what a common day is like in my life. This day is Saturday, January 25, 2020.

But first of all I want you to know where I live. I am from Venezuela, Sucre State and my city is called:


Cumaná, Sucre State, Venezuela. Its coordinates are between 10 ° 38'44 "North latitude and 63 ° 2'20" West longitude. Cumaná is the capital of Sucre State and has great historical importance for being the first city to be founded on the American continent, in the year 1521, it was built by Gonzalo Ocampo under the name of Nueva Toledo. In the year 1536 it was destroyed by an earthquake and later in 1569 it was rebuilt by Diego Fernández de Zerpa with the name of Cumaná. On July 2, 1591, King Felipe II of Spain granted Cumaná the title of city. The name of the state corresponds to the eponymous hero of independence Grand Marshal Antonio José de Sucre, who was born in this city. Called "Tierra de gracia" by Columbus, for its crystal clear waters and the greenery of its flora, the state of Sucre was the starting point for the discovery of Venezuela and the rest of the American continent. It is my hometown. It is full of history in all its streets. Cradle of poets and pro-independence heroes of South America.

For me it is customary to go to the municipal market, not only on Saturdays, but any day of the week.
I really enjoy going there, for me it's like an anti stress therapy.
Although considering many factors of life in my country, most people will think that on the contrary this activity would be one of the most stressful things in life.
The hustle and bustle of a market where informal economy predominates. In addition, public transport is a real disaster and not to mention food prices. In my country there is an inflation of 10K%.

But none of that does prevent many Venezuelans from going out into the street every day with a smile on our face to seek sustenance for our families.

In my particular case, I like to see people, feel the street. And when I am in the market I enjoy seeing all the variety of products that nature offers us. Especially the variety of fish, since Cumaná is on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and the variety of marine products are the order of the day.

My Market Day´s Trip.


  • First of all, as a good Venezuelan custom, we can not miss a delicious hot coffee. Like every day of my life, I thank God for sharing it with my beloved Mother: "Leonor."


  • This is where I spend about 18 hours a day, with my great passion: Steemit!.


  • This is the exit of my home.


  • These are the apartment buildings where I live.


  • I commented that public transport is very poor. Well, most of the time I travel at the bus door, since I prefer that ladies and old people occupy the seats. (That handsome boy is me)


  • So was the interior of the transport unit.

  • Upon reaching the market, the excitement is not long in coming. Thousands of people come every day, but especially on Saturday and Sunday.
  • We can always get friendly people and with good humor. Like this humble fish seller who agreed to pose for photography. His name is Archimedes and he is my friend.I always buy his fresh and delicious fish.

  • Legumes and vegetables add a note of color to the landscape.
  • Avocados

*Sweet potato, Ocumo, Yuca, Auyama (Pumpkin), are part of the Venezuelan diet.

  • But what predominates in this market of my beloved city, since fishing (Artisanal and Industrial) is one of the main economic activities and part of the daily diet of the "Cumaneces" is: "The Fish!" Too much fish!
  • This is me again. Holding this beautiful fish to show you with love.



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26.01.2020 04:58
26.01.2020 04:58

Thanks Cybermom!

26.01.2020 05:05

My pleasure! @juanmolina😎

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26.01.2020 05:02

Thank you for sharing a day of your life and taking me along on a tour of Cumaná, Sucre State, Venezuela. I especially enjoyed the trip to the local market.🥝🍇🍋🍑

Speaking of of markets, each on Fridays my lovely friend @dswigle hosts MarketFriday. You You can ediur post and add the hashtag, then go tgo to the link below to a comment with your link for some amazing support & exposuresure💫

Gock in the contest! @juanmolina

26.01.2020 05:07

Oh thanks!
I´ll do it, you´re so kind.

26.01.2020 05:15

Me transportaste a experimentar tu día con ese relato tan simple pero excelentemente reflejado en tus fotografías.
Un placer darle re-STEEM a ru post amigo.

26.01.2020 08:51

Me alegra mucho saber que disfrutaste de este viaje.
Gracias por tu apoyo querido amigo.

26.01.2020 16:47

This post will do well as a tour guard if i find myself in Cumaná. This is an amazing post.

27.01.2020 13:54

I´m glad you liked it.

27.01.2020 17:23

que fino estuvo tu dia amigo

28.01.2020 01:02

Good morning @juanmolina

Thanks for sharing some glimps into your every-day life with us.

This is where I spend about 18 hours a day, with my great passion: Steemit!.

18hours is a lot :) Are you addicted , or what? :)


28.01.2020 08:51

Something like that.
It is 18 hours distributed in short periods.

28.01.2020 19:22