Caturday - Black Cats and Superstition

I assure you that the photograph is not stunted and I did not force the black cat to pose on the lintel of an abandoned house, under a number, thirteen, which always drags the black legend of doom.
If I had been superstitious, I would have thought that fatality - that the ancient Greeks called Fatum or Destiny - was preparing to give me some of that castor oil, metaphorically speaking, which is bad luck.
But I happily finished my trip, without any mishap assaulting me, while the cat remained immutable, surely keeping with determined determination, the spirits of the ancient inhabitants of the place.
Now, I will be honest with all of you and I will tell you, by way of confidence, that as I walked away from the place I crossed my fingers, thinking that: you never know.

NOTICE: Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property.

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Very well done @juancar347, because after seeing a black cat 7 years will pass while some event happens. Of course if you behave yourself nothing will happen. Scared. Well, I've seen it, so it's every man for himself.

15.02.2020 14:20

Ha ha ha ... Well, I think it's exaggerated to think that every time you see a black cat you attract seven years of bad luck. I see one every day, under my window and I think we have become friends enough to respect each other and not interfere in the other's field. You know, even with black cats, it works: live and let live.

15.02.2020 15:56

Yes, that phrase is shocking. They look you in the eye... They understand clearly with their seriousness, but they understand. See you soon... ñauu.

15.02.2020 16:21

Of course, see you, friend

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Thank-you very much

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