Bucolic landscapes # 10


How could it be otherwise, the Muse chose the sensitivity of a poet to define something so loaded with bucolic melancholy, as is the ineffable passage of time.


Byzantium, or what is the same, the Roman Empire of the East, was, without doubt, a waste of splendor and magnificence.


The metaphorical Cueva de Ali Baba, where the Byzantine emperors seem to be also born with the gift of Midas; that is, the gift of turning everything around them into gold and beauty.


But all that splendor, all that unbelievable magnificence, in short, all its captivating beauty, did not come to be remembered in the icy pages of history by the Turkish conquest, but by the work of that other ineffable conqueror, whose mortal blow is abated without compassion so much on miserable human beings, as on empires and civilizations: Time.


Therefore, to define that sense of loss, that concept of transient volatility that we are basically, the poet Luis Cernuda defined the ineffable passage of time -or mortality- with the sui generis name of Byzantium Syndrome.


NOTICE: Both the text and the photographs that accompany it are my exclusive intellectual property.


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Hi @juancar347 , a post full of feelings and accompanied by paths that perfectly frame the passage of time, time is relative, it is true, but it leaves its mark both physically and morally, but for this there is no remedy, so accepting it is the most sensible .
Blessings ,and take good care of yourself my dear friend

06.04.2020 12:33

You're right, friend @ martha75, the passage of time is inexorable and it always reaches us all. Possibly that is the greatest thorn stuck in the hearts of men and in some way, also the spark that caused the concepts of life, death and rebirth to arise, in the face of the irremediable situation, which as an unsatisfied desire, an uncertain Hope, has accompanied the philosophies of all the cultures of Humanity since the dawn of time. From the ruins, at least, something endures. I suppose that human beings, after all, cling to that hope, like a castaway would do to a board in the middle of this infinite sea that we call life. Thank you very much for your comment and take good care of yourself, please.

07.04.2020 09:01

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Thank-you very much

07.04.2020 09:02