And yet, it's Spring ... # 2


It is curious, that while the human being languishes, facing from quarantine one of the worst pandemics in its history, Nature, metaphorical machine that knows the secret of eternal movement, follow its course, inescapably faithful to the cycles that govern it.


Unalterable, faithful executor of the vital designs of Mother Earth, spring, even with its moments of fickle irritability, surprises us yet again, another season, with its magnanimous exuberance and the visual magic of its portentous colors.


Thanks to it, the stumps of the last prunings again produce beautiful shoots; the trees recover their leaves and therefore their corresponding splendor.


And with this new rebirth, the color returns once again with all the force of its magic, which perhaps is a spirited hunch that encourages us to think, that after all, everything is cyclical and that there is no winter, however extensive that it seems to us, without its corresponding spring.


This succession of details is, after all, an allegation to hope and, of course, an invitation to what we still have to enjoy, once the pandemic passes by and the hateful quarantine is lifted, let us enjoy again of an environment, to which we may possibly now look with different eyes.


NOTICE: Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property.


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