Fuck It, Before It Fucks You # 61 (Soak the place and light the flames)

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Hey Y’’all! Happy Valentines Day! I guess. I don’t know. I’m single so Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean much to me. My big plans are to introduce my right hand to my left hand and see if I can get a threesome to happen. But it’s probably best that I write a blog for this week first. Tomorrow’s a busy day so I’ll have less excuses this way.
So, I happen to be blessed to live in a neighborhood encased by tall trees. It’s really quite lovely, but there’s actually people who want to cut them down so they can have a view of the city skyline. Like what the fuck? I think the skyline is pretty too, but if you want to look at it that bad just go take a fucking walk. There’s plenty of places you can get a nice view of the skyline, the water and the mountains all at once. Then there’s these other mother fuckers who want to cut them down just to have more space for cars. Dude, that’s like, literally the opposite of what we need to be doing. There’s plenty of room for cars and plenty of spots to get a nice view. We need more trees, not less. At least half of these people would probably tell me I have to vote Democrat to protect the environment. Kind of pointless to think globally if you’re not gonna act locally.
Speaking of hippocrates, and Democrats (but I repeat myself. BADUM CHING), who the fuck is Mike Bloomberg? I keep seeing ads for this guy on Facebook. Saw one the other day and mistakenly decided to comment “Fuck off Republicrat scum!” and right away I get a message saying “Thank you for engaging with our campaign! Do you want to help Mike defeat Trump?” and I just said “No”. I mean, is this guy a Democrat? Because the first time I heard about this guy was when he was elected Mayor of NYC as a Republican. Then people were saying he was a Democrat calling himself a Republican, so he became independent, and now he’s a Republican calling himself a Democrat. I also remember him getting a law passed to let him have a third term, then saying he just wanted it for him. Funny how people have worried about Bush, Obama and Trump trying to get third tems, meanwhile this guys actually done it. Now he’s saying that he has to run for President because the Democrats are moving too far to the left. As if they have any idea what the fuck the left is.l Of course this is utter horse shit because on anything of substance, they just keep moving further to the right and making people forget what the left actually looks ike. Now the center looks like the far left and the far left looks like the radical left, which barely actually exists in America. Frankly I wish these so called centrist Democrats would just form their own Oligarchs party. But of course they won’t do that, because then people would actually know who they are. In any case, I’m certainly not going to be voting for this Bloomberg fuck. He gets nominated then I’m voting third party, IF I bother to get out of bed that day. Otherwise, I’ll just be at home watching the drama unfold and saying “Fuck it!!” before it fucks you.

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