Fuck It, Before It Fucks You #60 (This is a public service announcement! With guitars!)

Fuck It.jpgHey all! Happy Friday and Happy International Clash Day! I have a karaoke party to go to so I need to quit fucking around and get this blog out before I leave. And I certainly can’t claim there’s nothing to write about this week, can I? I mean, we have the impeached President being acquitted in his impeachment trial, which I’m sure was a shock to everyone who can’t count Senate seats. I guess one Republican did vote to convict, which didn’t help in the least, but now all the people who hated him in 2012 are lining up to ride his dick so I guess he’s got that going for him now, which I’m sure is nice. And of course this acquittal comes on the heels of his State of The Union address, the highlight of which was when the House Speaker made the bold and courageous empty gesture of ripping up a piece of paper. Paper that a tree died for, by the way. Not very responsible during a climate crisis. Just sayin’ A lot of people think she was ripping up a copy of the SOTU, but it was actually a list of all the times the Dems have voted with Trump. Seems she was going over it before the speech then realized that she left it sitting out by accident. She couldn’t let the camera’s see it, so she figured it was as good a time as any to put on more political theater for the McResistance. Pretty well times over all, coming as it did the day after the Iowa clusterfuck…. I mean caucuses, where the DNC just blatantly tried to rob the guy who was winning in broad daylight. Like “Fuck the witnesses!” Because just like the Mafia that they are they know they can intimidate most of the witnesses into keeping quiet, and anyone who doesn’t they can just accuse of being a Russian troll and helping Trump win. Not that they really want to beat Trump mind you. That’s why they’re actively screwing over the guy who probably has the best chance of doing that. Apparently some polls actually show him beating Trump in all 50 states. Now of course I wouldn’t necessarily rely on those to be accurate, but from what I’ve seen he does seem to come out on top in most polls. But I’m sure that even if he does somehow manage to win the nomination, the Democrats will do whatever they can to sabotage him, and then they’ll join hands with Republicans to declare his loss to be another example of the (manufactured) failure of socialism. They don’t really care if Trump wins because at the end of the day they stand to lose nothing if he does. They still get to talk about how evil and dangerous he is while they quietly vote to give him everything he wants. Even more than what he wants in some cases. Then they still get to blame every bad thing that happens on him regardless of their own level of complicity. It’s a win win. I mean, except for the people. It’s almost like the whole thing is some kind of scripted puppet show.
And of course it is. Which is why I’m always trying to tell people that they can’t rely on electoral politics to make any meaningful change happen. Real change can only come from the bottom up. The best way to fight the system is to stop supporting it. You say you want a revolution. Well, ya know, you just have to say “Fuck It!” before it fucks you.

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