Fuck It, Before It Fucks You #59 (Not what you really wanted)

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Sup y’all out there in social media land? It’s Friday night and time for another blog. Unfortunately I had another busy week. Although I probably could have made more time to write something out, but then I didn’t.
But I still have to write something, and there was one thing I wanted to talk about. Of course, I couldn’t let this weeks blog get posted without acknowledging a terrible tragedy. Yes, earlier this week a lone helicopter went down in the mountains somewhere and the world held its breath. Guns fell silent and bombs stopped falling. The rich and poor of all nations, all races, all religions and ideologies, secual preferences and gender identitis shared a moment of silence after the horribly tragic loss of a man who could throw a ball through a hoop better than most other people. And like eight other people that nobody really cares about because they can’t throw a ball through a hoop nearly as well. I guess one of them was his daughter, and that’s pretty sad, but I doubt anybody could name any of the other people on that helicopter. I certainly can’t, for the record, but I’m not pretending to care about any of them. How many people die every day without even getting to ride in a helicopter? This guy was lucky. He got to die like a badass. Could have been like Elvis and died taking a shit. In any case, we’re still going to care about him, because he could throw a ball through a hoop better than most. Certainly better than any teacher, or scientist, or paramedic, or firefighter or anyone else a functional society needs. Because what’s it all for, if we can’t watch a guy throw a ball through a hoop? These are who our children’s role models ought to be. We should have them saying “I want to be Kobe Bryant when I grow up!” Even if that is statistically impossible. At least we’ll sell a lot of shoes.

On a side note, didn’t this guy rape somebody? I haven’t heard much about that from the #metoo movement. I don’t know, don’t listen to me. First thing I thought when I heard this story was “What did he have on Hillary Clinton?” So take whatever I say with a grain of salt. If society is going to expect me to care about certain people dying, then I reserve the right to make up conspiracy theories about them.
Anyway, I don’t know what else to say tonight, so I’m just going to go ahead and close this out with an uncerimonial Fuck it! Before it fucks you!

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