Fuck It, Before It Fucks You #57 (A little too ironic, don't ya think?)

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Hey everyone! It’s Sunday morning and I’ve been slacking off all day. Ok not all day. I was doing some food forestry this morning, but the rest of the day was mostly eating, drinking nand playing games. What I haven’t done is put much effort into writing a blog for the week.

There was one thing I felt like ranting a bit about though. So like most people, I pay for my living expenses with what

people call ll a “9 to 5 job”. I mean, I don’t actually work 9 to 5, but those are considered standard working hourd it’s a

basic seic service job. Pays a little more than minimum wage, but it gets me by. And like most people, I work with other people. And I hear a lot of these people complain about being broke at the time. And I’ve also noticed that a lot of these same people buy their lunch every day, and have the nerve to wonder why they’re broke. As much as I identify as a radical leftist, I do find a few nuggets of truth in the Right’s philosophy. Like personal responsibility.. For me, it’s not really a moral issue. I’m not just trying to tell people “Well you buy your lunch every day, it’s your own fault if you’re poor.” I mean, that’s largely beside the point. What really bothers me is that people are taking what little they do have and giving it right back to the system. Consumerism isn’t just a vice, it’s a weapon against the lower classes. You give a company forty hours of your labor every week and then turn around and put the product of your labor right back into their pockets, or in the pockets of some other capitalist enterprise. Then we all talk about how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Well fuck I can’t imagine why. I see personal responsibility as the first step to collective responsibility. That’s something the Right says they don’t believe in. Like a lot of them might tell you that modern Americans bear no collective responsibility for things like slavery and genocide. But of course we do. That’s the reason we’re here and a lot of people are still suffering from the after effects from these things today.. If we don’t have any collective responsibility, then why even call ourselves American? And of course the Right does believe in collective responsibility, not just for white people. I’ve noticed a lot of those same people will hold black people collectively responsible for the crime rates in theiommunity.

But an anyway, I can’t really sit here and judge people for being irresponsible. Gods know I’ve wasted plenty of money in my life. When I write things like this, I’m usually talking to myself as much as anybody else, but I do notice that I feel a lot better about myself when I take responsibility for myself. And I imagine what an army of self disciplined, responsible, radical leftists could get accomplished. Imagine if a critical mass of these people saved their money. Then imagine if they pooled it together and bought out the companies they worked for. Then imagine if they all looked the Man in the face and said “Fuck it! Before it fucks you!”

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