Fuck It, Before It Fuck's You #108 (Sometimes I think I'm crazy, other times I know I'm not)

Well fuck. What is up internet people? The world just keeps becoming more interesting every day don’t they? I’m really running out of excuses to say I don’t know what to write about. Not saying I don’t, I definitely have some shit on my mind these days. I’m probably just more concerned about what I’m “allowed” to write about these days. Seems to be a lot more pro-censorship talk on my facebook feed these years. And apparently there’s a lot more demonization of alternative platforms that apparently only the far right uses to hear them tell it. My question is, if leftist started using right wing platforms, would they still be right wing platforms? Or would they just be places where we could freely discuss radical left wing ideas without fear of censorship or being tracked and having our data sold? Who knows? Maybe we could even reach out to some right wingers and bring them around on a few things. Who knows? It seems like a common sense idea, and we certainly haven’t tried any of those yet.

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Anyway. For as long as I’ve been at least vaguely aware of politics, I’ve always thought the whole presidential transition period was weird. Like, this guy’s not going to be president anymore, but he still gets to be President and make decisions for 2 and a half months. I mean, I get there needs to be a transition but does it really need to be that long? In the information age? I get that a long time ago shit took longer, but today? I’m surprised we don’t “Murica the fuck out of it and do it on Thanksgiving. We could do it the day after to show some respect for the natives we slaughtered, but we have to respect the sacredness of Black Friday. After all, retail is one of the last jobs you don’t need to go into debt for, but we’ll get rid of that soon enough. But as usual, I digress. I’m just saying the ex president shouldn’t get to be president for this long. And he should at least have to consult the incoming president before he does shit. It’s kind of fucked up that Trump could just start a war right now if he wanted to. Shit, he could just launch a bunch of nukes at 11:59am on January 20th and be like “Suck it Biden! Deal with that shit now!” He already said he won’t be attending the inauguration. Which doesn’t surprise me. This motherfucker wouldn’t attend his own funeral. He’d just keep insisting he’s not dead. Frankly I’m legit surprised that Mike Pence hasn’t done the 25th amendment thing at this point, considering Trump threw him under the bus and praised the mob that wanted to hang him.
But apparently the House did in fact impeach him on Wednesday, making him the first president to be impeached twice, in the same term, a year apart, AFTER losing an election. That’s quite a historic accomplishment. I’m sure he’s very proud. I can almost hear him saying “Nobody’s been impeached more than me! Half of all impeachments in American History!” Now of course I feel like this is kind of silly at this point. If they’re going to do it I wish they’d do it for war crimes, but then that would make it harder for Biden to do war crimes so I guess I understand. Apparently though, if it actually succeeds this time it means he can’t run again and he loses his pension and Secret Service detail. So I’m just like “FFFFIIIIIIIIIINE! But when we finish that can we please have some healthcare?”
But I know that can’t happen. We don’t have time for healthcare! We’ve got an insurrection to quell! I don’t understand why anyone would want to rise up against this benevolent government of ours. All they’ve done is take their money and give it away to big banks and corporations who pay no taxes and ship their jobs overseas. Then they took the rest and used it to bomb brown people who’d have no argument with us if we just minded our own fucking business. Besides, it’s not the government job to help the working class. It’s their job to keep them in line. The problem now is that the working class is rapidly becoming obsolete. And for some reason they don’t like it. So what the ruling classes have to do now is make sure we’re all directing our anger at each other and not on the system that fucking everyone over. Then they can manipulate us into a civil war where we all kill each other off. Of course, this is all just my opinion, I can’t claim that it’s r verifiable reality. I’m just a neurodivergent pothead with a very active imagination. That being said, 20 years ago I remember saying 9/11 would lead to a civil war and well…. gestures vaguely
So, with all that in mind, I am pretty conflicted these days because I can’t really be mad at anyone for wanting to storm the capitol. I just happen to think these guys picked the worst reason to rise up against the government since 1865. I swear every last one of these motherfuckers has daddy issues. And I’m not even judging them for that. Lord knows I have plenty of issues of my own. But Y’all need to realise what you’re issues are so you can start the healing process. Whatever happened to you wasn’t your fault, but healing is your responsibility.. Then you’ll be able to think more clearly. Then you might realize you have more in common with the protesters you were condemning last summer than you do with Donald Trump. I mean shit, I remember seeing a tweet just a couple months ago saying “If they even try to replace RBG we burn the whole thing down!” And I was like “FUCK YEAH! That was some hypocritical shit they pulled with that!” I had the same reaction when I saw police stations on fire last summer. I mean that’s what happens when you treat people like cattle for 400 years. Those protesters have more reason to hate Biden and Harris than those clowns from last week ever did. Biden and Harris helped build and actively participated in the racist policing system that killed George Floyd. We all have the same enemy, and I feel like the people who raided the Capitol last week should have been marching with BLM back in June. Maybe then there’d have been less tear gas. The problem is we’ve been told and encouraged to hate each other for centuries, and white people have gotten a much longer end of the stick then others and they’re just now starting to feel the boot on their neck that others have been feeling for a very long time, and they’re still confused about who their enemy is. They’re still cleaning to this mythology that the country was built for them. It wasn’t. It was built for about .1% of the people and then rest of us are expendable.
And now where are we at? Lockdowns are making it less likely that people can actually talk to each other in person, so more and more we have to rely on social networks where everything we say can be monitored and an unaccountable few people get to decide what we can say and what information we receive. The internet that was supposed to bring us all closer together is driving us further apart. But maybe it’s all for the best. Maybe I’m just too damn contrarian and these unaccountable oligarchs really do know what’s best for us. Maybe in the end they’ll create a world where life is so easy we have to build a simulation just to have some stimulation. And if simulation theory is true, maybe that’s already happened. Doesn’t that make sense with how ridiculous things are right now? Maybe we really are just in a simulation that we had to escape to because the real world was just too fucking boring. Whatever the truth is, it’s all going to end for us someday one way or another. So do what you gotta do and say “Fuck It!” before it fucks you.

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