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Shades Of Men - Chapter 12 Page 3


Hello everyone,

Let me start with a warm Happy New year. 2020 will surely be a good one! All the best to you guys.

Now let's get to business! Here comes a new page from my original comic Shades Of Men!

Since it's been a while let's recap the previous updates. Lev and Ricky came to this abandoned slaughter house to bring David back home but he refused. David's new friends formed a crowd that took over Lev and beat him up. Ricky luckily saved the day by freeing all the captive animals, creating chaos and distraction to the whole scene.

That's where we left off a months back. For more incredible adventures, check out the story from the start. You'll get to know these characters a little more in the mean time.

Now let's get out of this mess...




Thanks for following along.
If you're discovering my work, hopefully that spiked your interest.

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See you on the other side,


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