This guy thinks this is how Lambos are made...

The STEEM chart has been interesting, but someone thinks it may be about to get more interesting

The STEEM chart has mostly gone sideways now for months.

Something I have posted about here numerous times, the most recent one being earlier today:

However, one trader on Crypto Twitter thinks the STEEM chart has all the right makings for a very big move up in the near future...

Suck a big move in fact that lambos could be in store for some...

Check it out:


I have no idea if this guy is on or involved with steem in any way, but looking through his twitter feed there aren't many other mentions of STEEM.

Which means he is basing his statements strictly off of the current chart setup.

There is obviously a lot of drama that has gone on behind the scenes with STEEM over the last several months but from strictly a charting perspective, this guy thinks STEEM is setting up for a big move up.

We shall see.

Stay informed my friends.


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