The quickest way to win back some of the community is pump STEEM @justinsunsteemit!

Hey Justin, your relationship with the STEEM community has been off to a rocky start, but that all can change very quickly...

How can it change you may be wondering?

It's really simply actually...


A higher STEEM prices fixes a lot of problems on here in terms of active users, and it would help heal some wounds that have been festering over the past month.

This is a good start:


Yes, not everyone is going to be happy no matter what you do at this point but that's life.

In my opinion we are at that point where words by themselves don't seem to do much, people want to see actions.

And, the best course of action at this point to win over fans and heal some wounds is to pump STEEM.

Good luck! :)

Stay informed my friends.


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"In my opinion we are to the that that words by themselves" doesn't make sense at all...

03.04.2020 16:58

Thanks, edited.

03.04.2020 17:01

Yes, we can see Steem being bought. This little pump looks like it was created by a deposit/withdrawal issue on Huobi. Steem was trading at 22 cents there yesterday while Steem was trading at 14.5 cents everywhere else. The price equalized back at 17 cents, a level that Justin has been defending this entire time.

The problem is that all this Steem is being bought and no one is powering up. You're account is the biggest account powering up on the entire network. Millions of coins are being dumped and JSun is likely propping up the price with his own bankroll.

This means that Steem is becoming even more centralized in distribution and Steemit is in control of even more coins. The value of the network is going down while the price is being propped up artificially.

I assume Sun is committed to keeping the price at 17 cents, so perhaps it's foolish to sell at such a definitive buy wall. On the other hand, the floor could fall out from underneath the network on the whim of a single person.

03.04.2020 18:34

Just because it is getting more centralized in the short term doesn't mean it will always be that way. It's infinitly easier to get things done on here when you are in full control than trying to move forward with a decentralized system. Not saying that is the best route, just saying it's a fact. It's entirely possible he wants to get some things done the way the way he envisions them, then at if it is deemed that a lot of people want to participate in that they would buy in and over time it would decentralize again.

Either way, whether it is decentralized or not has no effect on whether the price will pump from time to time or not. In fact, an argument could be made that it may be easier to pump a centralized project than a decentralized one, strictly in terms of manipulated pumps anyways. :)

03.04.2020 19:34

And yes you make a good point about being at the mercy of a single person/entity supporting the market, but that single entity/person is also giving himself a greater and greater incentive to create higher prices at some point in the future... which will hopefully be enough incentive for him to do his best to make that happen.

03.04.2020 19:37

Let's hope we'll make some money at least😜. The decentralized community will always live. That money then could be transfered to hive😉.

PD: You saw the 100 days steem?

04.04.2020 16:46