Steem - Ignoring New Exchange Listings would be a Huge Mistake

Not getting STEEM on more exchanges before the next bull market could be a big mistake

Steem is in a very unique position right now.

It has one of the better blockchains in the world and it has a lot of new development coming down the pipeline, things that would make you think it should be Top 25 coin at the very least.

However, it is barely clinging to the 78th spot on Coinmarketcap currently.

And in my opinion, the lower we are on that list the less likely we are to be included in the next major altcoin bull market, if there is one.

One thing we can do to help our odds of being included in this next bull market is get steem on as many exchanges as possible

Doing a quick scan of other projects ahead of us on coinmarketcap it becomes clear rather quickly that many of them are on significantly more exchanges than steem is.

On coinmarketcap, steem is listed with roughly 17 different exchanges and 29 pairs overall. Bitshares for example has more than double that and 81 pairs listed overall. Keep in mind that many of those exchanges for bitshares are very small and some listings are done in bts, which makes it not that comparable, but still...

Given what steem has going for it, it should not be on less exchanges than bitshares, as just one example...

Plus, when looking at the top exchanges by volume, steem is only on a couple of the top 50:


Whether you sort by reported volume or adjusted volume, the results are mostly the same. Steem on very few of the top 50 exchanges.

Plus it gets even worse when you account for exchanges launched within the past 2-3 years, steem is on very few of the newer exchanges.

This may not sound like that big of a deal, but it really is...

In the US, it has gotten to the point where users of steem basically only have 2 options. They can use Bittrex or go through Blocktrades.

If steem were to lose its Bittrex listing, things could get very hairy for US based users.

All that aside, steem being on less exchanges means it is less likely to go up during the next major altcoin bull market (if there is one).

In my opinion we should be doing everything we can right now, while the cost to list is likely cheaper than say in the heart of a major bull market, to get steem listed on as many exchanges as possible.

This is where it gets a little tricky...

I have recently been contacting exchanges imploring them to list steem:

And very quickly I am finding out that unless the main development team contacts these exchanges, we are not likely to get very far...

We need someone from Steemit,Inc to be contacting these exchanges!

I understand that we don't want to delay SMTs or Communities any more than we already have, so perhaps someone that is NOT involved with the development/testing of those 2 projects can start contacting exchanges on a daily basis?

I think if we just go down the list of exchanges on coinmarketcap and reach out to all of them, we are very likely to get steem on at least a couple more exchanges. I know we would all like to pretend that development is the only thing that matters, but that's sadly not the case in this speculation driven market.

It would be pretty painful for there to be another major altcoin rally and steem not really be included with it, or barely included with it.

A higher price for steem cures a lot of ails on here... from Steemit,Inc needing to sell less steem weekly to make payroll to recruiting new users into the steem ecosystem, it just all becomes easier with a higher steem price.

What about listing fees?

Just from briefly diving into this, it is apparent that some exchanges will require listing fees in order to get steem listed, though some don't even require that!

For those that do...

If that is part of the reason Steemit,inc has been dragging their feet on this, why don't we use the SPS/DAO to fund the listing fees?

I can't think of a better way to use community funding than to do something that literally helps everyone in the community.

I would have already tried to set up a proposal for this myself but almost every exchange I have contacted thus far wants to deal directly with the lead development team or Steemit Directors.

It's difficult for a community member to pull this off...


  • Steem is not on many exchanges
  • Steem may get left behind during next bull market if not on more exchanges
  • Steemit,Inc needs to contact exchanges for real chance of listing
  • Listing Fees can be paid using the SPS/DAO

Steemit,Inc, I know you have a lot on your plate already, but we really need your help on this.

Making this a priority now, while listing fees are likely cheaper than they would be in a full fledged bull market, could end up making all the difference for steem long term.

Let's get this done!

Stay informed my friends.


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If only we could get to get their heads outta their asses and start persuing things like this....... But it seems like that is a far fetched dream at this point..

07.02.2020 18:58

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07.02.2020 19:01

Even though they might be busy with the development on SMTs it shouldn’t take long for them to compose an email and contact different exchanges. Just make a template and use it for all exchanges.

If nothing else people in the community could help to draw it up and they can send it.

07.02.2020 19:08

Kinda my thoughts as well. I would think someone could spend a couple days doing this and pretty much hit up every exchange within the Top 100...

07.02.2020 20:34

Steemit Inc. never did anything to get Steem listed on any major exchanges. And as you said, without them it is hard to get listed. They probably don't want to pay the listing fees. But that is a small price to pay for the potential price rise of the Steem.

07.02.2020 19:12

Better to wait for a strong bull market before being listed on exchanges. First of all it's easier because exchanges will be making huge profits and won't care about listing fees. Also, being listed on a new exchange in a bull market means that we pump 50%, while right now it won't do anything.

07.02.2020 19:59

From what we during the last major bull market, exchanges were asking insanely high listing fees because there was so much competition and demand. Right now is the time to list.

07.02.2020 20:34

I think as a community, with the SPS. we can come together and create a voluntary team to go out and create/renew relations with exchanges. BTS just got a stable coin pairing on Binance, which is something we need.

I am in talks with several exchanges, you are talking to exchanges, I know a few other people doing this for Steem as well. So we pretty much have the people power to get this done, we just need to come together and make a focused group effort. I am for creating a discord grp or even steem community focused on this.

07.02.2020 19:24

I'm down for whatever I can do to help. Though I do know from the emails I have sent that many of the exchanges want to talk directly to the lead development team/directors etc about listings...

07.02.2020 20:32

jrcornel, I now promote you as a director of Steem! We could use a volunteer Steem developer to help us answer any questions we have.

They ask me the same, one time they asked If I was the owner of Steem. I said, yes I own Steem. They frame it as ICOs with CEOs.

It is like asking for the CEO of Bitcoin, anyone can represent Bitcoin, just like anyone can rep Steem as it is open source.

07.02.2020 20:52

I do suggest waiting until after the SMT hardfork and all the bugs worked out, otherwise those exchanges may suspend or delist and the hardwork/expense was for nothing. The coinbase listing form asks if you are from the dev team or a > $1m investor. Tagging @pennsif and @jrcornel.
Edit: No harm setting up a discord channel and getting people involved in the meantime.

08.02.2020 00:37

Good point, ty.

08.02.2020 01:49

Yea I was wondering if HFs were potentially part of the problem.
Waiting is probably a smart idea, but I do think setting things up and getting ready for when the time is right is still a good idea. IE, having funding ready for listings and having the right people ready to talk to the exchanges...

08.02.2020 17:05

So what I've done with an exchange I am working with, no guarantees but I do have a verbal agreement from Biki that they will list us.

Most exchanges will not list you instantly and in fact, want a big event to launch on. SMTs is a perfect event for an exchange to hype up our listing.

What I am doing is laying out all the groundwork. These exchanges are going to ask for a hefty listing fee (if they charge one) - this is where we leverage the community and say if they are interested in a grassroots marketing campaign. I volunteer my SP, we can use the SPS to sweeten the deal. Lots can be done right now.

08.02.2020 17:55

Good deal, I really didn't want to just sit back and wait for another year while this next bull market potentially rages on. :)

That is the first I have heard of them wanting an event to list on, but I guess it does make some sense.

Regarding the listing fees, a few of them spell it right out for you:

This is currently the highest volume exchange according to coinmarketcap, though it is predominately a bitcoin exchange. Not sure we would want to pay that high of a fee, but that is just one example of some of these spelling out the listing fees upfront.

08.02.2020 18:10

Never kay sticker price! ;)

Any leads on how to peak Coinbases interest in Steem? Maybe a initiative where we have people write why they want Steem on coinbase? Obviously, if we had a direct connect I am employee that would be great.

08.02.2020 18:34

I have exchanged numerous emails with them, they said that the development team needs to contact them and fill out the application forms. Whether or not the development team has actually done that is up for debate, they said long ago that they did but not sure they have tried much since then and the coins Coinbase has listed since that time may make steem listing more likely now?! There were rumors that Coinbase also asked them for a listing fee which they were unwilling to pay (also part of the rumor), but I haven't seen anything to verify whether or not Coinbase asks for a listing fee.

I think the first step is to get Inc to apply for a listing again(if they already have). Then if that doesn't work I think we get the community to contact them over and over requesting steem to show there is demand from their customers/people for the coin...

08.02.2020 18:48

Ok cool. Coinbase does not charge a listing fee so that rumor can be put the bed. We do need to make sure the proper forms are filled out. I am pretty sure any Steem dev can do it, INC can't list it as if the token belonged in a centralized way to them.

08.02.2020 19:16


steem is already on coinbase, its just not tradable yet

10.02.2020 09:59

Ha, I think you know what I mean. Listed and tradeable on Coinbase.

10.02.2020 18:39

I would like to see Steem listed on Changelly or Shapeshift. Exodus wallet said they can list Steem if we can secure one of those providers they use.

08.02.2020 19:27

We were on Changelly at one point right?

08.02.2020 20:12

Yes we were, they delisted due to onerous node requirements, too many HF's and not much usage. They want something like 20K USD to list again.

11.02.2020 06:59

I was thinking. Instead of focusing on new exchanges, why don't we go after the ones we are on and tell them to add a STEEM/USDT pairing.

BTS just got a USDT pairing on Binance. If you know anyone from BTS that could guide us on how they did it, that would be helpful.

Getting a USDT pairing on all exchanges that we do not currently have one will 3x+ our 24 hour volume.

11.02.2020 07:29

That’s actually a good “low hanging fruit” type idea. I will contact a few BTS ppl and see if they know anything.

11.02.2020 07:42

Yes that is a good idea and something that might be easier than getting on new exchanges. At some point though we will need to expand steem's listings. In the US there are what, two options to purchasing steem now? Perhaps getting the volume up will help us get on other exchanges though.

12.02.2020 19:06

Let me know if I can be of any help...

08.02.2020 04:12

Yea I have been thinking the HF issue may be why steem has a tough time getting on and staying on exchanges... Waiting until the time is right is probably the smarter idea, though with 20+ HFs already under our belt, there may never technically be a "right time". Since we know at least 2 major HFs are on the way in the coming months it probably does make sense to wait at least until after those. I just want to make sure we have Steemit,Inc onboard with that plan as well.

08.02.2020 17:07

Yes it makes sense to wait for Steem to be stable after the upcoming HF. As far as Steemit being onboard with an exchange listing plan, as far as I know they don’t have a dedicated person approaching exchanges so we have to do it. They however are generally happy to help with technical support when the exchange is interested. I collaborated with them quite nicely to get onboard for the ability to load Steem directly to a crypto debit card.

08.02.2020 19:25

swiss exchange with dollar onramp and steem listed

07.02.2020 20:39

Sounds like a good idea to progress Dan. @thecryptodrive has been contacting exchanges as well I believe.

@birdinc used to handle this I believe when he was with Steemit Inc. Not sure who took over that role when he left.

07.02.2020 22:08

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10.02.2020 15:12

Good stuff.

10.02.2020 15:13

Steemit is to be blamed for such ignorance. I do understand how smts and communities comes first, however standing still focusing on one thing only wont help. If they only asked for our help or something. Having zero exposure will lead us nowhere. We need more go getters

07.02.2020 19:37

Then become one? easy to say it, hard to it.

07.02.2020 20:00

Lol, won't even comment on this one

07.02.2020 21:48

The only thing I can think of is that they want to get these next major hard forks out of the way first and then start listing on exchanges, but that might just be my wishful thinking on their part.

07.02.2020 20:35

It’s crazy why steem isn’t on a lot of exchanges. We all have been pushing hard and get tons interaction on twitter on these exchanges but they keep ignoring it, I wonder why. It’s time for Steem INC to step it up 🤷🏼‍♂️

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07.02.2020 19:59

Yes, steem does seem to get the cold shoulder a lot, not completely sure why...

07.02.2020 20:33

Maybe it’s because all the hard forks and these “exchanges” are lazy ... who knows! 🤷🏼‍♂️

07.02.2020 22:34

Who have the interest not to be listed, is the right question.

07.02.2020 20:29

I can only think of one possibly, what are you thinking?

07.02.2020 20:36

I'm sure it's not Bittrex, hehe.

07.02.2020 20:59

there is a dollar option/onramp on Lykke and they have Steem but no one is using it sadly

07.02.2020 20:38


07.02.2020 20:57

"very quickly I am finding out that unless the main development team contacts these exchanges, we are not likely to get very far..."

What are the exchanges requesting of you? It may be just as simple as knowing some API endpoints...

Also, is it required that steemit does anything? Steem is a decentralized blockchain, no one group should be doing much of anything from any standpoints, so this request from the exchanges sounds ... Misinformed? And I think the fault may be on this side, as opposed to theirs, seems hard to imaging me going to a presentation saying something like "i'd like to get steem listed on your exchange" and them pulling the name steemit out of their asses. Just saying ... Hopefully I'm just being ignorant to some facts here and it's just me.

07.02.2020 22:36

Hi @jrcornel
Have a nice day
My greetings

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08.02.2020 00:10

It has one of the better blockchains in the world and it has a lot of new development coming down the pipeline

I am hearing this same phrase again and again since the first day I joined steem but no action to prove..

08.02.2020 04:37

I 100% Agreed with you steem should be listed on all top cryptocurrency exchanges as soon as possible

Steem should be on exchanges like and because its deserve it I think if we all work together steem blockchain will become number one and steem coin will be top 10 coin after few years

08.02.2020 06:09

I've heard this issue come up often, that exchanges don't want to list STEEM because of the trouble they'd have with the hardforks.

Could we have a team to do the hardforks for them, if that's what's stopping them?

08.02.2020 08:03

I think this would be a good way to introduce steem to the world. The more exchanges mean the more attention steem can get to catch up the next bull that might be happen soon.

08.02.2020 12:01

steem needs a boost lacking major exchange listing a huge mistake it can be because now a days getting delisted from any exchange is just a click away as exchanges have their own monopoly but having strong base its a must

08.02.2020 15:14


10.02.2020 14:35


10.02.2020 14:38

not sure what this says...

10.02.2020 21:46

We don't agree with the downvote on this post.

12.02.2020 18:37

Thank you!

12.02.2020 19:07