Crypto Class Action Lawsuit is now getting wide scale crypto press coverage!

The class action lawsuit against Facebook, Google and Twitter's draconian ban of all crypto industry advertising is finally getting wide scale crypto industry coverage:

See this excellent article in DeCrypt by Ben Munster, published yesterday. A few Steemians are interviewed in the article.

Key quote:

Startups tell Decrypt they have suffered grievous losses while struggling to market legitimate projects, which Facebook lumps in with scams and pump-and-dump schemes. What’s more, they believe Facebook’s simultaneous development of its own cryptocurrency, Libra, is blatantly anti-competitive.

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Signup for the Crypto Class Action against Facebook & Google's Crypto Ad Ban

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Hey @jpbliberty are you the guy in the Steem Engine discord server that was specializing in tokenized class action lawsuits? I member seeing someone say that this was their primary goal for creating SE tokens.

I am interested in discussing a possible project if that would be you. :)

04.08.2019 19:19

Hi Yes, that's me. I'm @apshamilton on Discord. @jpbliberty is my company, that running the class action.

15.08.2019 15:37